A message from Foundation President G. Wesley Clark: 


2008 was a great year full of many accomplishments for the Peterson Museum Foundation.  The reason the year was so great was because of the many volunteers who contributed their time and energy to making sure that our heritage was preserved.  I want to thank each and every volunteer for their efforts.  Each person makes a difference and we wouldn't be where we are today without every member of the Foundation. 


You will note in the listing below that we had some dedicated people who went far above and beyond the call of duty.  Their contributions continue to provide the backbone for our ongoing efforts.  The amount of hours contributed individually and collectively is a testament to their dedication.  My thanks to every member and a special thanks to those who went above and beyond. 


I'm excited about the challenge ahead in 2009 and know that the results will make us all proud.  Well done!


Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2003:  8,792

Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2004:  10,389

Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2005:  8,494

Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2006:  8,286

Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2007:  9,520

Total Number of Volunteer Hours-2008:  10,445


800 or More

Jimmy Bowden

Ed Weaver



Jack McKinney



Charlie McCarthy

Erv Smalley



John Brown

Dick Burns

John Cawood

Gus Freyer

Terry Galbreath

Ron Gray

John Grier

Al Horne

Scott Lee

Skip Lynette

Ron McClelland

Danny O’Connell

Jim Palmer

Jim Swalley

Monte Watts



George Douglas

Ann Foster

Trent Harding

Jerry Kovach

Norm Moyer

Ernie Newman

Jane Newman

Gordon Scott

Ralph Spraker


99 or Less

Tom Allee

Russ Anarde

Gar Anneler

Dave Austin

Wes Clark

Mike Drennan

Lawrence Flynn

Glen Griffith

Victoria Heim



99 or Less (continued)

Marty Isham

Jay Kelley

Ed Kelly

Donald Kidd

Dave Lankford

Timothy McMahon

Edward Mika

Raymond Murphy

Jerry Oney

Vince Rusinak

Tom Scanlan

Joan Sell

Frank Stampf

Robert Stein

Terrance Sullivan

Howard Vasina

Karla Weaver

Ross Wetmore

Frank Wisneski