PETERSON AIR & SPACE MUSEUM FOUNDATION VOLUNTEER STAFF MEETING 0900 Monday 24 Sep 2018 Broadmoor Hangar Meeting room 0900 CALL TO ORDER – 0900 Attendees: Jeff Nash (Deputy DAFC), Glyn Howells, Phyllis Howells, John Brown, Bruce Long, Ron McClelland, Errol Reiner, Dick Burns, Ed Mika, Mike Miller, Jimmie Fox, Dave Austin, Norm Moyer, Ron Soloman, Linda Yepez, Earl Guidry, Gail Whalen (DAFC), John Brown, Jim Henderson, Kay Pennay, Jake Mogel, Carl Siber, M Moore OLD BUSINESS Management Review Aug staff meeting minutes reviewed Aug staff meeting financials reviewed Museum continues to have a 4.8 of 5.0 rating DIRECTOR’S NOTES SEP 2018 BROADMOOR HANGAR – In work I’m working with Civil Engineering to get a breakout of dollars spent specifically for the Broadmoor Hangar. 8 Aug. At my meeting with WSA director (Al Strait) we discussed: – Broadmoor Hangar projects being put on Funded Lists – Need for Museum Foundation rep to be at any future meetings — so they also know how to proceed with fundraising that will supplement the USAF’s funding 13 -15 Aug. AFCEC and CE reps met with Museum staff regarding itemized wall-to-wall project list for all of Museum buildings – To be used for 2019 21 SW Funded Project listings. – Include figuring out how to use any $$ allocated to the Museum Foundation through a History Colorado Grant. – Wants us to wait on any submittals for grants until she determines exactly which projects MUST be funded by 21 SW, and which can be “underwritten” by grants to the Museum Foundation. NOTE: change in History Colorado grant reviewers in July – Cynthia Nieb retired, new officer – Meghan Eflin POC: Pam Miller BOTTOM LINE: 21 SW/CC has lined up Civil engineering, Contracting and AFCEC to review the existing Broadmoor Hangar plans, push to construct a Wing Innovation Center here, push to mitigate drainage problems, and determine exactly which parts of the expansion can be funded by 21 SW – then put it on a project for funding and execution. Several versions of floor plan presented to 21 SW/CC. AIRCRAFT RESTORATION Aircraft funded for 2018 include: EB-57 Canberra, F-104 Starfighter, F-86 Sabre, F-89 Scorpion, and F-106 Delta Dagger. Work has started. F-104 Starfighter will be repainted in SE Asian Vietnam colors. The aircraft signage will be replaced with a story board to include information on the combat pilot who flew that aircraft. EB-57 will be repainted to reflect 1976 Bi-Centennial color scheme used by Air Defense Command for the 17th Defense System Evaluation Squadron. TERMINAL BACK DOOR REPLACEMENT Door replaced. SPECIAL EXHIBIT AREA IN CITY HANGAR We are proofing the graphics and text and expect to complete the installation in Sep. Would like to schedule an evening exhibit opening at Door r City Hangar – evening reception –in early October. Request Museum Foundation compile a list of guests so we can start working entry access. COMMEMORATIVE TILES Work request to CE to evaluate method of installation is started. NEW BUSINESS 1. Kay Pennay is attempting to schedule a Cheyenne Mountain tour for Docents and one guest. Looking at Sep. 2. Discussed having DOCENTS send out copies of the Museum newsletter to friends, etc. once it has been approved/published. 3. TASK. Once published, need Docents to hand out Museum newsletters. 4. Possible tour of Wings of the Rockies. 5. TASK. Gail to provide email to set up time for Docents to show up for group picture. 6. Medal of Honor celebration in discussions for a March 2019 event. Closing Remarks Adjourn 0915 for Volunteer Potluck Picnic