SUBJECT:  Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 26 Sep 08


ATTENDEES:  R. Gray, BG USAF (Ret) Vice President, E. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, G. Whalen, DAFC,  Curator Pete Museum,  Jeff Nash, DAFC Deputy Curator, D. Burns, , E. Kelly, SMSGT USAF (Ret), D. O’Connell, CMSGT USAF (Ret), John Grier, MSGT USAF (Ret),, Al Horne, USAF (Ret), Ron McClelland, Capt USAF (Ret),

 J. McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret), E. Smalley, SMSGT USAF (Ret), C. McCarthy, Col USAF (Ret), F. Stampf, Col USAF (Ret), N. Moyer, SMSgt USAF (Ret)


1.      OPENING  REMARKS:    GRAY called the meeting to order in the Conference Room. 


(1)   Open Item:

-         Discussion about location (in the Air Park) is ongoing.  Awaiting signature on band request. 

(2)   Financial Review (Weaver):

-         As of 31 Aug 08

-         Cash Available:  $21.092

-         Income to Date:  $20,723

-         Expenditures      $23,070    

(3)   Volunteer Hours/Visitors & Web Site  Numbers (Weaver/Smalley)

-         As of 31 Aug 08

-         737 hours during Aug 08

-         7,460 hours during 2008

-         1,898 hours during Aug 08

-         14,716 during 2008 (This total passed the CY2007 total)

-         99,358 hits since 2003

(4)   New Exhibit Update. (McKinney)

-         Draft of Introduction and 1946-1947 Panels briefed.

-         Display format discussed and agreed upon.

-         WHALEN will work up the new design.


(1)   Curator Update (Whalen):

-         Raccoons & squirrels have “invaded” the Broadmoor Hangar causing some minor damage in the Artifacts and Special Collections areas.  Considerable damage to computer hardware in the USNORTHCOM area of the building.  CE has sealed the exterior of the building to prevent future incursions.

-         Despite recent corrective action by CE, drainage problems in Terminal Building remains.

-         CE Commander and her staff conducted a walkthrough of the Broadmoor Hangar evaluating floor space requirements.

-         F-101B aircraft needs to be moved and stored away from the West Gate area.  Looking at options.

-         Funds to paint the CF-100 were approved.  Site prep may start next week.  ECD: 31 Oct 08

-         A work crew from the 302AW, 21 Logistics Support Sqdn, and the Museum, replaced the damaged vertical stabilizers.  Minor repair work is still needed.  Painting should occur during the 302 AW UTA weekend of 18 Oct 08.

-         NMAF Staff Evaluation still on for 19-31 Oct 08.  The Director of the NMAF is expected to visit during this period.

-         Pictures of the 61 AF Medal of Honor recipients completed using a Photo Frame recently donated by Wal Mart and is on display in the Terminal Building.  KUDOS to Terry Galbreath.

-         Still working out details for the transfer of the Minuteman III missile stages from Hill AFB to Peterson AFB.

-         AFSPC/HO & Museum Conference still on for late Oct time frame.

-         Tom Dishion’s last duty day for several weeks will be 30 Sep 08.  He has been accepted for the NCO Academy for March 09.

-         KUDOS everyone for your continued support.  Our thoughts are with those volunteers and their families in sickness and distress.

(2)   Functional Action Plans Review (Gray & Whalen):

-         ICBM and City Hangar Exhibit Plans were updated.

(3)   Open Discussion:

-         F-89 Aircraft Poster completed (Smalley).

-         Recommendation made by the NMAF’s Senior Curator during his recent visit has been competed in the Artifact Storage area. (McCarthy).

-         Aircraft maintenance records have been reviewed to determine and documents work, repair, and priority requirements (Kelly).


Next Meeting is 0900hrs 24 Oct 2008 in the Museum’s Conference Room.





Secretary & Treasurer