SUBJECT: Board Of Directors Meeting-Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation 1300hrs, 5 Dec 03, 21st Space Wing Commander's Conference Room

ATTENDEES: George M. Douglas, Major General USAF (Ret) Chairman; Directors: Ralph E. Spraker, Major General USAF (Ret), S. Parks Demings, Glenn Griffith, Col USAF (Ret), Terry Sullivan, President, COS Convention Bureau, Donald J. Swift, Air Force Association of Canada

Volunteers in Attendance: Jerry "Mike" Drennan, B/Gen USAF (Ret) President, Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Sec/Treasurer, Elizabeth Edwards, Jane Newman, Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jack McKinney CMSgt USAF (Ret), Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Jim Ross, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret),

Others in Attendance: Col M. Yankee, 21SW Director of Staff, Dr. M.E. Ruwell, Museum Director, Kai Corns, 21 CES, Al Rohr, 21 CES, Ryan Budge, 21 CES

1. OPENING REMARKS: Meeting was call to order and Chairman Douglas made opening remarks.

a. PETERSON AFB MASTER PLAN: Al ROHR briefed the 21SW FY05/09 MILCON projects and the Base Master Plan. Of primary interest to the Board was the approval of MILCON FY2004 Funds for the extension of the Mission Support Building. Completion of this project should allow for transfer of the Broadmoor Hangar within the next two years. It would appear AF funds should be available this summer 2004 to complete the Air Park Construction (Lighting and Benches). Col YANKEE also indicated that AF Funds should be available to begin work on the CE Design Upgrade of the Old City Hangar in mid 2004. Col YANKEE suggested that since the AF will provide funding for the Hangar that DOUGLAS could seek support for the Air Conditioning System in the Terminal Building. (ACTION: DOUGLAS)

b. MUSEUM DESIGN UPGRADES: Al ROHR briefed the approved (21SW/CC) design upgrades to the Museum Grounds. Board Members indorsed both projects and thanked the 21CES personnel for their outstanding efforts.

1). Missile Plaza Design upgrade includes moving the missile plaza closer to the current Air Park and softening the plaza with extensive landscaping.

2). Medal of Honor Grove Design upgrades include a new walkway, seating, lighting and relocation of the Medal of Honor Memorial.

c. EXHIBIT CONSTRUCTION PLAN: WEAVER briefed that five major exhibits and the P-47N restoration project should be completed during CY 2004. Within the Old City Hangar, the Air Defense, Missile Warning, ICBM, Cheyenne Mountain Combat Operations, and P-47N will be completed during 2004. Three major themes will be accomplished in the Terminal Building; (1) Early Colorado Springs Aviation History, (2) World War II Peterson Field, and (3) Deployed Air Crews Overseas from Peterson. In addition, the AV room will be converted to an Air Crew briefing/map room. Initial planning for the Broadmoor Hangar includes; AV Room and Gift Shop relocation, Offices, Artifact Storage, Special Exhibits, and Educations Library.

d. VOLUNTEER STATUS REPORT: EDWARDS briefed the following:

CY2002 CY2003 (30Nov)

-Total Volunteers: 65 89

-Total Volunteers Hours: 4,140 7,830

-Total Visitors: 4,441 10,307

-Total Items Catalogued: None 1,363 (includes MS items)

e. FOUNDATION ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: DRENNAN recommended and the BOARD approved the appointment of Ronald D. GRAY, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), as the Foundation Vice President, vice Robert KOENIG. GRAY will continue as Director of Operations as well. BOARD agreed. The BOARD and President DRENNAN acknowledged and thanked KOENIG for his outstanding services and were pleased that he plans to continue to volunteer for the Foundation.

f. MEMBERSHIP REPORT: PALMER reported current membership status to the BOARD. Discussion followed on the need to coordinate membership with Foundation Marketing activities in 2004. Also the need for a Committee to support the Director of Marketing was addressed. BOARD agreed that both should be accomplished (ACTION DRENNAN)

g. 2003 FINANCIAL REPORT: WEAVER reported the following:

Cash on Hand 16,227

Gift Shop Inventory 4,033

TOTAL: 20,260

Unrestricted Funds 7,108

Restricted Funds 9,119

Total Income (2003) $18,676

Total Expenditures (2003) $27,373

h. 2004 & 5YR (04-08) BUDGETS: WEAVER briefed both Budgets (See Attached). The BOARD approved both.

2004 Budget: $77,180 5YR Budget: $348,180


a. Canadian Display MOU: Col YANKEE indicated that the draft MOU is undergoing legal review. DOUGLAS expressed his concern about the pace of the review. Col YANKEE will talk with the 21SW Commander.

b. SULLIVAN indicated that both he and Will TEMBY (BOARD Member) have a strong interest in helping Joan SELL in Fund Raising Activities. DRENNAN will talk with SELL.



3. CLOSING REMARKS: DOUGLAS thanked everyone for their efforts and hard work during the past year. He wished everyone a Happy Holiday Season.