SUBJECT:  Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 6 Nov 2009


ATTENDEES:  G. W. Clark, M/G USAF (Ret);  E. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, G. Whalen, DAFC,  Curator Pete Museum; M. Cooper, DAFC, Staff;  Al Horne, USAF (Vet);  J. Brown, USA, (Vet);  Lt Col USAF (Ret;, E. Smalley, SMSGT USAF (Ret);  E. Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret);   D. Burns;  J. Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret);  D. Austin, CMSgt USAF (Ret);  R. McClelland, Major USAF (Ret); S. Brite, USAF (Ret);  C. McCarthy, Col, USAF (Ret);  E. Kelly, SMSgt USAF (Ret), J. McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret); T. Galbreath, Major USAF (Ret); R. Koenig, Col USAF (Ret), F. Stampf, Col USAF (Ret)


1.     OPENING REMARKS:   CLARK called the meeting to order in the Conference Room.  OLD BUSINESS:


A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        25 Sep 09 Minutes Approved.

(2)  Open Item New Exhibit Report (WHALEN):

-        Panel 1951-55 completed and reviewed by the staff. Diane Vulcan working on three others.

(3)  Open Item  M-21 Re-entry vehicle (WHALEN/CLARK):

-         21SW is requesting that the NMAF placed the Museum on the wish list for M-21s.

-        CLARK has discussed the item with Jay KELLY (AAFM President).

(4)  Open Item Signage (WHALEN):

-        Historic District entrance sign (at Peterson Blvd & Ent Ave) approved but not funded.

-        Building signs approved but not funded.

(5)  Open Item Visitor Center Lt Peterson Poster (WHALEN):

-        Sign has been approved for installation at the visitorís center.

(6)  Museum Out Reach Program (STAMPF)

-        Planning spring start up-date. Do quarterly in hangar.

-        Looking for ideas for first guest speaker.  Pass suggestions to WHALEN.

-        Will need PA help.

(7)  Restoration Work (GALBREATH)

-        Still looking for help.  Current project list in October newsletter.

(8)  Financial Review (Weaver):

-        As of 31 Oct 09

-        Cash Available:  $24,109

-        Income to date:   $24,358

-        Expenditures:     $21,521

(9)  Volunteer Hours/Visitors & Web Site Numbers (Weaver/Smalley):

-        As of 31 Oct 09.

-        7,180 Volunteer hours to date.

-        15,079 Visitors to date

-        Web Site

-- 15,958 to date.

                        -  Ten accessions to date.

(10)                Web Site (SMALLEY):

-        Added some new Connie pictures.

-        Added F-101 site prep article.

-        Added US Army re-enlistment ceremony in the Air Park.



A.    Curator Update (Whalen):.

-        Contractor working in the air park on the F-4C, CF-101, F-86, F-89, F-94 and EC-121T. ECD: 27 Nov 09

-        Work continues inside Bldg 140 (Hangar #1) to provide a new location for the functions in the Broadmoor Hangar (non Museum) to move to. Move out should occur next week

-        F-15A Center line pod will be painted by the 302 AW and placed on the aircraft.

-        NMAF has granted permission to place missiles and rockets on our aircraft in the air park.

-        ECD for the site preparation for the F-101B is mid Dec 09.

B.    Annual  Safety Training Completed (WHALEN)

-        Telephone numbers we all should be aware of:  556-9111 (to contact Peterson AFB emergency) and 556-4000 (for Eagle Eyes Program). 

C.    Deployment Ceremony (WHALEN)

-        Museumís Volunteers are invited to attend a US Army deployment ceremony.  More information to follow.

D.    Artifacts Inventory (MC KINNEY)

-        Received inventory list from the NMAF.  Had some initial sort problems but that has been corrected.  Now working to match both inventories.  Will take some time.

E.    Special Collections (WHALEN)

-        A lot of hard work but we are getting a handle on the inventory and cataloging the items.

-        This will make a significant improvement in researching.



-        No comments.



   Next Meeting:

(1)  0900hrs, 4 December 09, Ops Building Conference Room.





Secretary & Treasurer