SUBJECT:Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 28 Aug 2009


ATTENDEES:G. W. Clark, M/G USAF (Ret) President, E. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, G. Whalen, DAFC,Curator Pete Museum,Al Horne, USAF (Ret),J. Brown, Lt Col USAF (Ret), E. Smalley, SMSGT USAF (Ret),,E. Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), J. Newman, DAFC (Ret), T. Galbreath, Major, USAF (Ret),D. Burns,J. Swalley, Lt USN (Ret), J. Cawood, Lt Col USAF (Ret), J. Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret), D. Austin, CMSgt USAF (Ret),F. Stampf, Col USAF (Ret), R. McClelland, Man USAF (Ret), A. Foster, Capt, USAF (Ret), J. Robinson, CANG (Ret),S. Brite, USAF Vet, P. Brown, USAF (Ret),J. Nash, Museum Assít Director, C. McCarthy, Col, USAF (Ret), E. Kelly, SMSgt USAF (Ret)


1.     OPENING REMARKS:CLARK called the meeting to order in the Conference Room. Three new volunteers were introduced and welcomed: Paul Brown (DOCENT), Steve Brite (AC Restoration), and John Robinson (AC Restoration). Ann Foster was welcomed back for her first meeting following her surgery from surgery. Jim Bowden is resting but doing well.Volunteer were encouraged to give him a call at home.



A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        24 Jun 09 Minutes Approved.

(2)  Open Item: Concert in the Park.

-        Despite the afternoon storm, the event was a success.

-        Hot wash conducted (see attached)

-        Recommend doing it again next year.

(3)  Open Item: Orientation DVD: (CLOSED)

-        Completed and in use.

-        KUDOs to Ernie NEWMAN for the outstanding effort.

(4)  Open Item:LCP Panel:(CLOSED)

-        Received and installed in the MPT.

-        KUDOs to Monte WATTS for his assistance.

(5)  Financial Review (Weaver):

-        As of 31 July 09

-        Cash Available:$24,433

-        Income to date:†† $17,781

-        Expenditures:†††† $15,625

(6)  Volunteer Hours/Visitors & Web Site Numbers (Weaver/Smalley):

-        As of 31 July 09.

-        5,197 Volunteer hours to date.

-        11,209

-        Web Site

-- 115,876 Web Site Hits since 2002.

††††††††††††††††††††††† -Ten accessions to date.

(7)  New Exhibit Report (McKinney)

-        We will meet with Diane Vulcan, graphic artist, following this meeting.

(8)  Artifacts Restoration Work (Galbreath):

-        Numerous projects under way.THOR missile completed and on display.

-        Need help.(See attached).

(9)  EC-121T Work (Austin)

-        Crew pictures placed throughout the AC.

-        KUDOs to Dave AUSTINís son (Dave Jr.) for lighting both the plotting board and lower (search) antenna.

-        KUDOs to the BLACK GANG for installation of window coverings.

-        KUDOs to Dave Austin for cleaning the floor mat and making a number of repairs inside the AC.


(1)  Curator Update (Whalen):

-        Minuteman III Missile dedication was 11 Aug 09.Thanks for the volunteerís support.

-        Site preparation (moving dirt) under way for the new location of the F-101 (North of base ops).

-        KUDOs to the summer interns.

       Sevens lesions plans developed.

       Catalog developed for the Museumís Art Work.

       Pictures scanned onto DVDs

-        Contractor site visit this week to prepare for restoration work on the F-4C, CF-101, F-86, F-89, F-94 and EC-121T.Work in start after Labor Day weekend with a completion date of 27 Nov 09.

-        Still working equipment turn-in problem.

-        New Exhibit placed at the Colorado Springs Airport.

-        City Hangar large south doors repainted this week.

-        Foundation donated 46Ē SONY TV for the briefing room.

-        Work under way inside Bldg 140 (Hangar #1) to provide a new location for the functions in the Broadmoor Hangar (non Museum) to move to.

-        Radio controlled model B-24 donated to the Museum.Need to do repair work.

-        Next week, Ms. M. COOPER (history major) reports for duty at the Museum.She is part of a test program of the AF/HO office to prepare and train individuals as AF Museum Curators.This is a three year appointment.


(1)  Lt Peterson:Ernie Newman suggested the Foundation consider a way to enhance the memory of Lt Edward Peterson.Discussion followed.WHALEN asked for a volunteer to step forward and look into the options available.E. NEWMAN agreed to take the lead. (OPEN ITEM).

(2)  Volunteer Appreciation Cook Out:.Gail WHALEN expressed her deep appreciation for all the work and ongoing activities by the volunteers.A cook out at the Museum will be 1830, 14 Sep 09 to celebrate a very busy summer.The Foundation will provide hot dogs and hamburgers and she asks each individual or family to bring a pot luck dish.Jim Bowden and Gail have obtained Presidentís Volunteer Appreciation Awards for the year 2008 and they will be presented that evening.Dress is casual and all families and friends are invited to attend.

(3)  ICBM Exhibit: G. WHALEN will check status on K 21 (delmilled) re entry vehicles. (OPEN ITEM).

(4)  Visitor Center:A. FOSTER suggested the Museum look into placing sometime at the Center about Lt Edward Peterson.G. Whalen will look into it.(OPEN ITEM).

(5)  Tile Placement:W. Clark will look into getting tiles placed by the flag pole. (OPEN ITEM).

(6)  Education & Outreach Program:F STAMPF will look into some options to establishment of such a program and report back.



†† Next Meeting:

(7)  0900hrs, 25 Sept 09, Ops Building Conference Room.





Secretary & Treasurer