SUBJECT:  Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 1 April 2011


ATTENDEES:  Ron Gray, B/Gen USAF (Ret); Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Secretary-Treasurer; Gail Whalen, DAFC, Museum Director/Curator; Jim Swalley, Lt USN (Ret); Ron McClelland, Major, USAF (Ret); Norm Moyer, SMSgt USAF (Ret); John Brown, Lt Col USAF(Ret);  John Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret); Al Horne, USAF Vet; Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret);  Dave Austin, CMSgt USAF (Ret); Paul Brown, MSGT USAF (Ret); Ron Solomon, Col USAF (Ret)


OPENING REMARKS:  GRAY called the meeting to order in the Conference Room.



A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        28 Jan 11 Minutes reviewed and approved.

(2)  Financial Review (WEAVER):

-        As of 28 Feb 11

-        Cash Available:  $29,097

-        Income to date:   $1,432

-        Expenditures:      $2,634

(3)   Accessions, Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers (WEAVER):

-        As of 28 Feb 11

-        No Accessions during CY 2011

-        1,154 Volunteer hours during CY 2011

-        1,432 Visitors during CY 2011

(4)  Web Site (McCLELLAND):

-        151,060hits on the  PA&SMF site as of 31 Mar 11

-        3,872 hits on the Galaxy of Stars site as of 31 Mar 11

-        65 members listed on the site.


A.    Curator Update  (WHALEN):

(1)  Fifty six individuals attended the Donor/Volunteer Appreciation Day (29 Mar).  Event deemed to have been very successful. Please e-mail Ed Weaver with any recommendations for future events.

(2)  Museum received the “Professional Team Award” during the recent AF Space Command IG inspection of the 21st Space Wing.  KUDOS to the volunteers and staff members.  Overall, the Wing did very well.

(3)  Plans for the Broadmoor Hangar were discussed in detail followed by a walk thru of the facility.

(4)  Need new DOCENT vests. 



   Next Meeting:

(1)  0900hrs, 29 April 2011, Broadmoor Conference Room.