The PASM Staff meeting scheduled for 0902 on Friday, 22 Nov 2013 was cancelled due to nasty weather.  To keep you informed, this is an email in lieu of that meeting.


·         Review minutes of 25 Oct meeting – you were sent a copy.  If you want another, let me know.

·         Financial review – November financials available at this writing.  Summary at 30 November 2013: Cash balance $42,931, Income YTD $27,255, Expense YTD $29,699.  Donation Box (in income) $2,807 YTD v $1,973 YTD in 2012 despite Shut Down.  If you want a full copy of the November financials, let JHH know.

·         Volunteer hours: YTD 31 Oct 6718 v 9,380 in 2012 (Shut Down hurt).  Visitors : YTD 30 Nov 16,583  v 21,156 YTD in 2012.

·         Web Site visits:

·         Election of new Board of Directors will take place in December.


Curator Update

·         The Museum’s Holiday Schedule and help-needed days follows:

           -- Closed Wed 25 Dec and Wed 1 Jan

           -- Extra docent help needed days: Thu 26 Dec; Fri 17 Dec; Sat 28 Dec

                                                            Fri 3 Jan; Sat 4 Jan

           Please call Gail and let her know if you’ll be able to help at all extra on those days.


·         Remember the John John and Gus Holiday party on Dec 6 at 6pm over in the Hangar—pot luck—so bring your favorite dish!


·         Sat 7 Dec from 1030 – noon is a New Volunteer Orientation Day, for those persons who are interested in volunteering at the Museum. This will be held in the Hangar. So far, we have 7 persons interested, so if you know anyone who has been asking you about volunteering at the Museum—please invite them over. If they are civilian, let me have a phone number so I can call and get them a pass for Saturday, 7 Dec.


·         City Hangar Exhibit updates coming in January. Watch for the Black Gang to start working on moving the “mini-theater”, tearing down some walls, and making some mini-decks. This will be on-going until April.


There will be no Staff Meeting in December.

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year

Jim Henderson, Secretary.