SUBJECT:Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 25 Jun 10


ATTENDEES:Wes Clark, M/Gen USAF (Ret); Ron Gray, B/Gen, USAF (Ret); Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer; Gail Whalen, DAFC, Museum Director; Jeff Nash, DAFC,Staff, Pete Museum;Dick Burns, E-5 USA (Vet); Charlie McCarthy, Col, USAF (Ret); Jack McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret); Erv Smalley, SMS USAF (Ret); Ron Solomon, Col, USAF (Ret); John Brown, Lt Col USAF (Ret); Paul Brown, MSGT USAF (Ret); Ernie Newman, CMSGT USAF (Ret); Terry Galbreath, Major USAF (Ret); John Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret); John Cawood, Lt Col USAF (Ret); Al Horne, USAF (Vet); Ron McClelland, Major, USAF (Ret), Frank Stampf, Col USAF (Ret); Jimmy Bowden, TSgt USAF (Ret); Jim Swalley, Lt USN (Ret)


OPENING REMARKS:CLARK called the meeting to order in the Conference Room.



A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        28 May10 Minutes reviewed and approved.

(2)  Financial Review (Weaver):

-        As of 31 May 10

-        Cash Available:$24,824

-        Income to date:†† $7,429

-        Expenditures:†††† $8,550

(3)  Accessions, Volunteer Hours &Visitors Numbers (Weaver):

-        As of 31 May 10

-        45 Accessions during CY 2010

-        3,393 Volunteer hours during CY 2010

-        6,746 Visitors during CY 2010

(4)  Web Site (Smalley):

-        132,950 hits as of 31 May 10

(5)  Restoration Work (Galbreath)

-        Still working on the F-5

-        Cockpit almost complete-presented to the group for their review

-        Outstanding detailing

-        Still need help

(6)  Concert in the Park (Weaver):

-        Saturday, 7 Aug 10 in the Air Park.

-        Working Group established and working out details. Museum will open at 0900hrs, serve food at 1100, Blue Steel will perform at 1200hrs.

-        Will need max effort from volunteers.


A.    Curator Update (Whalen)):

-        Problems with the contractor doing the F-101 AC site presentation.

-        NASH still working the turn-in of numerous equipment items to DRMO.Two target dates: 15 Jul and 15 Aug 10.

-        First Oral History program interview under way.

-        Emergency funds obtained to replace the outer roof shell of the Old City Hangar.Working out times and dates. Will need to close the hangar during repairs.

-        CE ready to replace and place new tiles by the flag pole.

-        Facilities inspection next week-Museum will be evaluated.

-        Funding for FY 2011 will be very restricted.

-        Monte Watts ID the missing equipment for the instructor area of the MPT.Should arrive next month.

-        Provided numerous photos of Lt Peterson to the vendor working on the new mannequin.Working on new posters for the Peterson exhibit.

-        Received thank you note from the 456 FIS Reunion committee thanking the Museum and volunteers for their support.KUDOs to all!!

-        Nothing new on the Broadmoor Hangar usage.

-        If you havenít updated your ID Cards required by the DBIDS-please do!


-        Running low on PA&SM brochures.WHALEN will work the issue.

-        McKINNEY requested newsletter inputs to him ASAP.


†† Next Meeting:

(1)  0900hrs, 30 July 2010, Broadmoor Conference Room.





Secretary & Treasurer