MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Location: file:///C:/F649CE51/VolMtg29Apr11.htm Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 29 April 2011

SUBJECT:  Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 29 April 2011


ATTENDEES:  G. Wesley Clark, M/Gen, USAF (Ret), President; Ron Gray, B/Gen USAF (Ret);  Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Secretary-Treasurer; Gail Whalen, DAFC, Museum,   Director/Curator;  Jeff Nash, DAFC, Ass’t Curat= or;  Ron McClelland, Major, USAF (Ret); = Norm Moyer, SMSgt USAF (Ret); John Brown, Lt Col USAF(Ret);  John Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret); Al Hor= ne, USAF Vet; Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret);=   Paul Brown, MSGT USAF (Ret); Ron Solomon, Col USAF (Ret); Terry Galbreath, Major, USAF (Ret); John Cawood, Lt Col, USAF (Ret); Dick Burns, = USA (Vet).


OPENING REMARKS:  CLARK called the meetin= g to order in the Conference Room.

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1.&n= bsp;     OLD BUSINESS:=

A.&n= bsp;   Management Review;=

(1)&= nbsp;  Minutes Approval:<= o:p>

-          1 April 2011 Minutes reviewed and approved.

(2)&= nbsp;  Financial Review (= WEAVER):

-          As of 31 March 2011

-          Cash Available:  $28,705=

-          Income to date:   $3,524

-          Expenditures:      $3,783

-          Annual Review accomplished by Director John Brown (Attached)

(3)&= nbsp;   Accessions, Volunteer Hours & V= isitors Numbers (WHALEN):

-          As of 31 March 2011

-          Two Accessions during CY 2011

-          1,751 Volunteer hours during CY 2011

-          2,432 Visitors during CY 2011

(4)&= nbsp;  Web Site (McCLELLA= ND):

-          151,060 hits on the  PA&SMF site a= s of 31 Mar 11

-          3,814 hits on the Galaxy of Stars site as of 31 Mar 11

(5)&= nbsp;  DOCENTs Vests (WEA= VER)

-          The Foundation will order new vests.  If anyone would like to purchase an individual vest, please give size to Ed Weaver.

2.&n= bsp;     NEW  BUSINESS:

A.&n= bsp;   Curator Update  (WHALEN):=

(1)   Working with 21 CES for a contract to remove floor tiles on the south side of the Broadmoor Hangar.

(2)   Ceiling tiles have been removed from the new exhibit and theater areas to judge eva= luate the effect on the HVAC system.  Cadets from the USAFA assisted in the tile removal.

(3)    Boiler replacement under way in the= Broadmoor Hangar.

(4)   New signage for the entrance to the Museum grounds and buildings will begin as = soon as the weather breaks.

(5)   Base exercise next week.

(6)   Restoration work on the HAWK missiles and F-89 completed.

(7)   Need new DOCENT vests. 

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3.&n= bsp;     CLOSING REMARKS:

   Next Meeting:

(1)&= nbsp;  0900hrs, 27 May 2011, Broadmoor Conference Room.