SUBJECT:  Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 29 July 2011


ATTENDEES:  Clark, Wes, M/Gen, USAF (Ret), President;  Gray, Ron, B/Gen, USAF (Ret), Vice President; Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Secretary-Treasurer; Gail Whalen, DAFC, Museum,  Director/Curator; Jeff Nash, DAFC, Ass’t Director/Curator; Al Horne, USAF Vet; Paul Brown, MSGT USAF (Ret);  John Cawood, Lt Col, USAF (Ret);  Jim Henderson;  Erv Smalley, SMSgt, USAF (Ret); Miller, Ben, Col, USAF (Ret); Shaw, Laura, Capt, USA (Vet); Austin, Dave, CMSGT USAF (Ret); Brown, John, Lt Col USAF (Ret); Grier, John, MSgt USAF (Ret); Burns, Dick, USA (Vet), Solomon, Ron, Col USAF (Ret)


OPENING REMARKS:  CLARK called the meeting to order in the Conference Room.  WHALEN introduced two new Docents:  Laura Shaw (Working in special collections) and, Ben Miller working as a docent)...    



A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        30 June 2011 Minutes reviewed and approved.

(2)  Financial Review (WEAVER):

-        As of 30 June 2011

-        Cash Available:  $30,399

-        Income to date:   $12,723

-        Expenditures:      $11,109

(3)  Accessions, Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers (WHALEN):

-        As of 30 June 2011

-        Two Accessions during CY 2011

-        8,588 Volunteer hours during CY 2011

-        7,447 Visitors during CY 2011

(4)  Web Site (SMALLEY):

-        158,915 hits on the PASM Home Site as of this morning.

-        4,754 hits on the Galaxy of Stars site as of this morning.

(5)  DOCENTs Vests (WEAVER)

-        Received July.

-        Paid by Wes Clark’s 500 dollar donation.


A.    Curator Update  (WHALEN):

(1)  Working with 21 CES for a contract to remove floor tiles on the south side of the Broadmoor Hangar.  Estimated cost 7K.

(2)  Black Gang construction inside the Broadmoor Hangar will begin next week.  Work has been approved by CE

(3)  Projected Broadmoor Hangar upgrades are estimated at 966K.  New space exhibit is estimated at 200K.

(4)  Three estimates have been received from contractors to repair the EC-121T upper radome (3K to 9K).

(5)  Last of the Tiles were installed by CE.

(6)  Bow working with CE to install “cans” on the F-101. Met with CE last Monday.

(7)  New signage for the entrance to the Museum grounds has been installed.

(8)  Museum is undergoing a radiation inspection.  Very time consuming.

(9)  Large numbers of visitor during the last several weeks.  Thanks to all the Docents for their extra hours.  Please be careful of the heat!


   Next Meeting:

(1)  0900hrs, 26 Aug 2011, Broadmoor Conference Room.