SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 29 Oct 04

ATTENDEES: Mike Drennan, Brig Gen USAF (Ret) President; Ron Gray, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), Vice President; Al Strait, 21SW Director of Staff; Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer; Jeff Nash, DAFC, Museum Staff; Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret); Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret); John Cawood, Lt Col USAF (Ret); Charlie McCarthy, Col USAF (Ret); Bob Emmons, Col USAF (Ret); Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret); Frank Stamp, Col USAF (Ret); Tom Scanlan, LT Col USAFR (Ret); Joan Sell, Member, Board of Directors, Jerry Kovack, Lt Col USAF (Ret), Dick Burns, Danny O'Connell, CMSgt USAF (Ret); Bruce Coffin, Lt Col USAF (Ret); Anna Foster' Capt USAF (Ret); MSgt Karen Klein; 302 AW, Scott Writz, AFSPC/HO

Meeting was called to order by President DRENNAN at 0900 hours in the Terminal Building. Al Strait, new 21SW Director of Staff, Jeff Nash, recently hired Museum Staff member, Tom Scanlan (New Volunteer) and Scott Writz, AFSPC/HO were introduced and welcomed. All three made comments to the group.


1. FINANCIAL REPORT: Financial status as of 30 Sept 04 was presented to and accepted by the staff. Foundation continues to suffer a negative cash flow. Statement is attached. (WEAVER-INFO)

Cash Available: 14,641

CY 04 Income: 17,107

CY 04 Expenditures: 20,536



Visitors 1,861

Vols working this month 49

Volunteer Hours 960

Total Vols on Roll 84

Accessions 29


3. GIFT SHOP: September sales were 1,525 dollars (fourth consecutive month sales of over 1K). WEAVER thanked O'CONNELL and the Docents for their work in the gift shop. (WEAVER-INFO)


P-47N RESTORATION: Working on the cockpit and additional decals. Trying to determine the details of the "Wild Hare" decal.

HAWK MISSILES AND LAUNCHER: Being restored by a Denver contractor. Should be completed and returned by mid November.

EC-121T RESTORATION: Only minor interior items need to be accomplished. Need to build an action plan to work on the exterior of the aircraft. (CAWOOD-INFO)

EB-57E RESTORATION: Placement of decals has been accomplished. Thanks for McCORKLE, KLEIN, KOVACK, and MEKA. Restoration project has been completed.

HVAC TERMINAL BUILDING: 21SW has funded and awarded contract 14 Oct 04. Completion date is Feb 05 (weather delay extension is Jul 05)

OLD CITY HANGAR UPGRADES: 21SW has funded and awarded contract 14 Oct 04. Completion date is Feb 05 (weather delay extension is Jul 05).

MEDAL OF HONOR GROVE UPGRADES: 21SW has funded and awarded contract 14 Oct 04. Completion date is Feb 05 (weather delay extension is Jul 05). Project includes funds to complete the AirPark.


AIR DEFENSE EXHIBIT: New display wall completed between the AD and Missile Warning Exhibit. Second and last wall between AD and ICBM exhibit should be completed next week. Exhibit estimated to be 75 percent complete. (MCKINNEY-INFO)

ICBM EXHIBIT: Obtained an interactive panel that can produce a number of functions that would be found in an LCC. The two walls required for the exhibit will be completed by the end of November. May want to consider associate membership arrangement with the Association of Air Force Missileers (GRAY-INFO)

CMOC EXHIBIT: Working on display and timeline designs. EMMONS-INFO)

MISSILE WARNING/SURVEILLANCE: ALERT display has been moved from the Terminal Building, is in place and operating. May have found artifacts for Pave Paws exhibit. (BURNS-INFO)

6. MARKETING: Thirty Three tiles (PAVERS) have been sold. 21CE will need 60 for the first installation. (SELL-INFO)

7. SPECIAL EVENTS: Sunset in the Park was very successful. Weather (temperatures was the only negative-need to rethink date and time of next year's event). We served 683 hamburgers and hot dogs to more than 394 people. Estimated 500 individuals were in the Air Park/Museum building during the evening. Outstanding support from the NCO Academy (did the cooking) and Air Academy Jr ROTC Squadron (crowd control, clean up) Over 300 dollars sales in the gift shop, two PAVERs sold. Total Cost to the Foundation 1200 dollars. We received many, many favorable comments.

Need to form a working group to begin planning for the 10 Jun 05 "Wild Hare Party" fund raising event. (P-47 Dedication). (STRAMPF & SELL)

8. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Working on transfer of numerous 16MM films to VHS and DVD formats. (E.NEWMAN-INFO)

9. DOCENT PROGRAM: Eleven Docents have been recruited, trained and are working half day duty shifts. The Foundation purchased navy blue vests with the Museum's "emblem" and "Docent" embroidered on them. Working on Docent "Pass on Book." DRENNAN thanked the efforts of the Docent volunteers.


10. WEBMASTER: Over 22,000 hits to date. SMALLEY encouraged any one with ideas for information on the site to contact him. (SMALLEY-INFO)


1. STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION: Delayed until new Curator is on board. (INFO)

2. BOARD OF DIRECTOR'S ELECTION: Results of the membership election for the 2005 Board of Directors is: M/Gen (R) George M. Douglas, M/Gen(R) G. Wesley Clark, S. Parks Demings, Col (R) Glenn Griffith, Lt/Gen (R) Jay W. Kelley, M/Gen (R) Timothy McMahon, Col (R) James H Rix, Joan Sell, Robert L. Shoop, M/Gen (R) Ralph E. Spraker, Terry Sullivan, Donald J. Swift, Will Temby. Next Board will meet 8 Nov 04. (DRENNAN)

3. AIR SHOW: Peterson AFB will host an Air Show 4 Jun 05. Need to ensure the Museum is involved. (STRAIT)

C. NEXT MEETING: 1300hrs, 2 December 04 in the Old City Hangar.