SUBJECT:Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs 24 Sept 2010


ATTENDEES:Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer; Gail Whalen, DAFC, Museum Director; Dick Burns, E-5 USA (Vet); Charlie McCarthy, Col, USAF (Ret); Jack McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret); Ron Solomon, Col, USAF (Ret); John Brown, Lt Col USAF John Grier, MSgt USAF (Ret); Erv Smalley, SMGT, USAF (Ret); Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret); Dave Austin, CMSgt USAF (Ret); M. Cooper, DAFC; Terry Galbreath, Major, USAF (Ret); and Ginger


OPENING REMARKS:WEAVER called the meeting to order in the Conference Room.



A.    Management Review;

(1)  Minutes Approval:

-        27 Aug 10 Minutes reviewed and approved.

(2)  Financial Review (Weaver):

-        As of 31 Aug 10

-        Cash Available:$30,472

-        Income to date:†† $17,761

-        Expenditures:†††† $13,496

(3)  Accessions, Volunteer Hours &Visitors Numbers (Weaver):

-        As of 31 Aug 10

-        53 Accessions during CY 2010

-        6,162 Volunteer hours during CY 2010

-        14,701 Visitors during CY 2010

(4)  Web Site (Smalley):

-        140,385 hits on the PA&SMF site as of 31 Aug 10

-        1.198 hits on the Galaxy of Stars site as of 31 Aug 10

*††† Cost of new Galaxy of Stars Web Site was $7.70

*††† 46 individuals honored on the site.

-        Restoration Work (Galbreath)

-        Terry Galbreath back after his surgery.

-        Work continues on Lt Petersonís F-4 model.

-        Still looking for help.

(5)  Artifacts Storage (McKinney)

-        Rearranged storage boxes to place like items together, i.e. uniforms, patches.

-        Computer repaired.

(6)  Newsletter (McKinney)

-        Need inputs for the next newsletter soonest.


A.    Curator Update (Whalen & Cooper):

-        Equipment Turn in-Nothing new to report.

-        Old City Hangar roof replacement under way.ECD: 15 Oct 10.

-        Design work of the New Lt Peterson Exhibit almost complete.

       Dedication Ceremony will be 10 Dec 10.Details being worked.

-        Annual Concert in the Park has been canceled in view of continued low attendance.

-        21SFS move from the Broadmoor Hangar has been delayed until

Mar/Apr 11.

B.    Board of Directors Election (Weaver):

-        Annual election for new Board members will be December 2010.

-        Anyone interested may submit nomination package NLT 1 December 10 to the Foundation Secretary.

C.    Volunteer Appreciation Day (Weaver):

-        Scheduled for 1330 hrs, 7 March 2011, in the City Hangar.

D.    Commemorative Tiles Sales (Weaver):

-        Sales have been suspended.

-        All spaces by the Flag Pole/entrance to the terminal building are full.

-        Long range plans are to provide more space for tiles at the rear of the terminal building after foundation repair work is completed.


-        Ron Solomon reported Al Horne doing well and may be released from the hospital next week.


†† Next Meeting:

(1)  0900hrs, 29 Oct 2010, Broadmoor Conference Room.





Secretary & Treasurer