SUBJECT: Meeting Minutes, Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Officers,

30 Aug 2002


Jerry M. "Mike" Drennan, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), President; Robert "Bob" Koenig Jr, Colonel USAF (Ret), Vice President; Edward "Ed" W. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer; Dr Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, GS-11 USAF, 21 SW/MU Curator; George Douglas, Maj Gen USAF (Ret) Foundation Director of the Board

Ronald D Gray, Brig Gen (Ret) USAF, Director Of Operations, Wayne Farrow, CPO USN (Ret), P-47N Project Director; Don Fulkerson, CMSGT USAF (Ret), Gift Shop Manager; Ernie Newman, CMSGT USAF (Ret) Director of Public Affairs; Dave Langford, USAF (Ret), S. Parks Deming, Col USAF (Ret), Foundation Board Member; Al Rohr, 21 CES;

1. Meeting was called to order by President Mike Drennan. He welcomed attending Board Members and new volunteers.


a. Base Access (Ruwell). Dr Ruwell provided copy of a suggested Visitor’s control Policy. This is just draft. Hard copy of the agreement provided by Ruwell. Drennan requested that any comments be provided to Ruwell by COB next Friday. (OPEN)


B. Old City Hangar (Drennan) Al Rohr (21CES) reported 25K is needed to complete design phase of the project. A separate meeting is required to review current requirements prior to final design. Drennan will talk with the 21SW/CC about funding. (OPEN-DRENNAN).

c. Airpark Completion (Drennan) Benches, Lighting and the BOMARC missile still required to complete the design phases. Estimated costs: $2200 per bench (need seven) and $2300 for each light. The BOMARC missile has been restored/repainted and is awaiting base CE design support. Drennan will discuss the project with Gen Deal. (OPEN)

D. Gift Shop (Fulkerson) Inventory of gift shop was completed (Approximately 5K). Last shipment has arrived from the vendor. Volunteers to operate to shop need to be trained. Shop should be opened First week of September 02 (Target had been Oct 02) (OPEN)

e. Membership (Koenig) Col (Ret) Jim Palmer agreed to assume the position of Director of Membership for the Foundation. He and Koenig will meet to continue planning approach. (OPEN)



f. Finances (Weaver) Funds and Gift Shop inventory were transfer (9Aug02). Received: 23095.42 dollars. Expenditures this month: Purchase Gift Shop Inventory: $769.28; Air Compressor: $844.82; Volunteer Support: $98.38; Office Supplies/petty cash fund: $198.03. No Income. Financial Report will be provided each meeting.

g. Public Affairs (Newman) He has captured the on going restoration projects (P-47N, F106, City Hangar and EC-121T). After the F-106 dedication ceremony, work will begin on PR videos that can be used for fund raising activities and a "Welcome to the Peterson Air & Space Museum" video to be used to greet people as they arrive at the Museum. Has contacted Col (Ret) Rix (Foundation Board Member) on PA activities. Will meet with 21SW/PA staff next week. All Foundation PA releases will be coordinated with the 21SW/PA prior to release.

h. EC-121T (Lee) Weaver reported that power was connected to the aircraft allowing a detailed inspection. One small leak was found, should be easy to repair (seal). Newman captured (Video) the condition found. The F-106 restoration crew will repair a missing exterior hatch. Interior clean-up will be accomplished next week. Gray reported the need to obtain a professional (WP Museum perhaps) to build an action plan for the aircraft as was accomplished for the P-47N. Drennan will discuss funding for this requirement with 21SW/CC. (OPEN)

i. P-47N (Farrow) Heavy Duty Air Compressor was purchased from Lowe’s and will be hard wired into the Operation Building. The F-106 restoration crew also repaired a smaller air compressor. Farrow thanked the Board for their support.

j. Space & Missile Exhibits: Drennan requested that Al Rohr conduct a site search for future equipment that might be obtained. Suggestion was made to look at the road/parking lot area from the O’Club to the museum, Space Park, and Museum grounds. Gray reported that he had opened discussions with the AFA about the Minuteman Missile. The AFA is going to expand its parking lot by the Field House causing questions as to the future of their Minuteman. Drennan asked Dr Ruwell to update the museum "wish list" with the WPAF Museum to include a Minuteman and Peacekeeper missiles. (OPEN-Gray).


a. Web Site. Mr Erv Smalley asked to join the Foundation and volunteed to build a Web Site for the Museum Foundation. His current web site is available at display page~ns4.html(ACTION: Weaver)

b. Legal Standing: Weaver reported that all required documents have completed or update with the 21 SVS, State of Colorado, Regional Exchange office, and Ent Federal Credit Union. Presently working with the Post Office Department for approval of 3rd class rates (Museum Foundation never had one) (OPEN: WEAVER)

c. AFSPC 20th Anniversary Poster: General Lord requested support from the Foundation to fund the cost to produce the poster. Koenig provided a copy for the members to review. Cost of the project, approxmately 2500 dollars. Plans to sell the poster at the Anniversary dinner 7 Sept 02 to recover cost. Drennan asked for Volunteers for that evening.(OPEN-Koenig)

d. Strategic Planning Session: To be conducted 0800-1200 24 Sept 02 at the El Pomar House. Agenda and directions to be provided to all Board members and volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to attend.(OPEN-Griggs)



6. NEXT MEETING: Drennan thanked everyone for their attendance, hard work, and support of the Foundation mission. Next meeting 0800-1200, 24 Sep 02, at the El Polar House.

Ed Weaver