SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Strategic Planning Meeting, 0900-1200, 27 Sep 03, Southeast YMCA

ATTENDEES: M/Gen(Ret) G. Douglas, Chairman of the Board; B/Gen D. Deal, 21SW/CC; B/Gen M. Drennan, President, B/Gen(Ret) R. Gray, DO; Col M. Yankee, 21 SW/DS; Dr ME Ruwell, Museum Director; R. Griggs, XP, CMSgt (Ret) D. Austin, EC-121T Crew Chief; CMSgt(Ret) J. McKinney, Dir Archives, CMSgt (Ret) E. Weaver, Sec/Treasure; SMgt(Ret) E. Smalley, Web Master; MSgt J Edwards, P-47 Restoration, E. Edwards, Dir Vol Support, J. Sell, Dir Marketing

1. President Mike Drennan called the meeting to order and outlined the purpose and objectives of the session.

a. Dr Ruwell outlined the accomplishments since that last strategic planning session (Sept 02).

b. Col Yankee and Dr Ruwell presented 21 Space Wing USAF Certificates of Appreciation "for your hard work and outstanding accomplishments at the Peterson Air & Space Museum in FY 2003" to Scott Lee, Ernie Newman, Jane Newman, Erv Smalley, Eliz Edwards, Jerry Edwards, Jack McKinney, S. Park Deming, Ron Gray, Don Fulkerson, and Ed Weaver.

2. GOALS: The tasking was to prioritize Goals for the next five years. It was agreed that dollar amounts (for FY 2004) would be validated in order that Joan Sell could begin marketing activities. Hard numbers should be completed by 1 Nov 03. Out years would be estimated.

a. FY2004 (Item/Action/Cost)

-Air Condition Terminal Building (Wg/21CES)

-Open City Hangar (Wg/21CES Design)

--HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Windows, Main Door Seal, Walkway,

Handicapped Door

--ADC Exhibit (PA&SMF/CMSgt McKinney)

--CMOC Exhibit (PA&SMF/CMSgt McKinney)

--ICBM Exhibit (PA&SMF/BG Gray)

--Missile Warning (PA&SMF/BG Gray)

-Finish and Paint P-47 (PA&SMF-MSgt Jerry Edwards)

-Interior of EC-121T (PA&SMF/CMSgt Austin)

-Docent Program (PA&SMF/Eliz Edwards (No Cost)

b. FY2005 (Item/Action)

- Air Park Upgrades (Need to Define Requirement)

-Complete Restoration of EC-121T (PA&SMF)

-Tour Bus Shuttles (Need to Define Requirement)


c. FY2006 (Item Action)

-Erect Peacekeeper and Minuteman (Wg & PA&SMF)

-EB-57 Restoration (PA&SMF)

-City Hangar Exhibits (PA&SMF)

-- Space Operations

-- Space Launch

-- Space Surveillance

-- Northern Command

d. FY2007 (Item/Action)

-Air Park Upgrades (Wg/Need to Define Requirement)

-Take Down and restore F101B (Col Yankee will check status)

-Plan Broadmoor Hangar (Wg/PA&SMF)

e. FY2008 (Item/Action)

-Airpark Upgrades (Wg/Need to Define Requirement)

-Take down and restore F-104 (PA&SMF)

-Open Broadmoor Hangar (Wg/PA&SMF)

-Reinstall ICBM (Wg/Need to Define Requirement)

-Future of Space (Wg/Need to Define Requirement)


The collection, preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of historical and cultural materials related to the heritage and missions of Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Historic District.


We will make the Peterson Air & Space Museum the premier Air Force Field Museum.


a. MUSEUM EXPANSION: BG Gray suggested that a 302AW exhibit should be considered. BG Deal indicated that he has had some discussion with the 302AB/CC about this same subject. BG Deal indicated:

- that there were several options for citing a C-130 Aircraft (A or D Model)

- that he would talk with 21 CES about retention of Building 365 for expansion of the Museum (DRENNAN asked that this item be included in the next staff meeting).

- that perhaps the museum Airpark should be extended south and might include XF12A, C-21 aircraft.


b. IG INSPECTION: BG Deal acknowledged the "Outstanding" rating the Museum received from the AFSPC IG Team (Out-Brief was yesterday 26 Sep 03) and thanked the staff, foundation and all volunteers for their support.



Edward W. Weaver