SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 10 Jan 2003

ATTENDEES: Jerry "Mike" Drennan, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret) President, Robert "Bob" Koenig Jr, Col, USAF (Ret), Vice President, Edward W. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Col Charles "Sam" Bateman, 21SW, Ronald D. Gary, Brig Gen Gray USAF (Ret), Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret), Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Don Fulkerson, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Dr Ruwell, Curator, MSgt Jim Mesco, Roy Griggs, Col USAF (Ret), Roy Fisher, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Jerry Edwards, MSgt USAF, Frank Stampf, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Scott Lee, CMsgt USAF (Ret), Larry Thomas, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jeff Nash, MSgt USAF (Ret), Wayne & Karen Farrow

1. Meeting was called to order by President DRENNAN at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar. DRENNAN introduced new members and visitors.


BASE EXCHANGE: DRENNAN introduced Vickie Smith, Peterson BX Manager to the Staff and thanked her for the BXs generous gift of a JVC Digital A/V Receiver. The receiver will be used to enhance our sound system in the terminal building. Ms Smith was presented a letter of appreciation. (INFO)

WAYNE & KAREN FARROW: DRENNAN presented a Volunteer Special Recognition Award for Wayne Farrow for his long service and support to the Museum. DRENNAN also recognized Karen Farrow for her contributions to the Museum. The FARROWS are relocating from the Colorado Springs area. (INFO)


a. FINANCE REPORT: (WEAVER) End of year (2002) financial statement was presented to and accepted by the staff. (INFO)

End of year 2001: $15,571.95

Income: 16,068.91

Expenditures: 8,750.47

SUB TOTAL: 22,890.39

Gift Shop Cash Fund: 60.00

Petty Cash Fund: 128.32

End of year 2002: $23,078.71

b. BASE ACCESS: (RUWELL) Policy has been completed and is in effective. Individuals without military ID will be issued a two hour pass to visit the museum. (CLOSED).

c. BOMARC: (RUWELL) Contractor (for the pad) made a site visit 8 Jan 03. Ground breaking is anticipated shortly (weather permitting). Work on the missile is complete and awaiting construction of the pad. (OPEN: Dr Ruwell).

d. AJAX MISSILE: (RUWELL) Contractor who painted the BOMARC will be asked to look at the missile when they return the BOMARC. (OPEN: Dr Ruwell).

e. CITY HANGAR: (GRAY) RUWELL reported design has not been completed (OPEN: Gray).

f. AIRPARK EXPANSION: (GRAY) Meeting was conducted with Dr Ruwell, Foundation, 21 CES, and AFSPC/HO personnel to validate airpark expansion requirements. CE will design three to five proposals for review (OPEN: Gray).

g. STRATEGIC PLAN: (GRIGGS) Status report presented. More work required to complete the Plan (OPEN: Griggs).

h.WEB SITE: (SMALLEY) Most of the original requirements for the Site have been completed. New page designed to provide Bulletin Board capabilities such as meeting notices and minutes, and members posting information. (INFO)

i. MEMBERSHIP: (PALMER) Tri-Fold (being worked by Muir Agency) was presented to the staff. Corrections and changes will be given to Muir. One more look prior to going to press. Foundation logo is believed to be complete. PALMER will check. We will be able to begin membership drive (mail) once we obtain the logo. (OPEN: Palmer)

j. GIFT SHOP: (Fulkerson) Still looking for volunteers to help staff the gift shop. Both stereo systems in the terminal have been repaired. (INFO)

k. P-47N: (McCorkle) Work day schedule for 2003 has been completed. Aircraft will not be moved outside the hangar again. Engine has been moved to the Operations Building for future work. Turn over has occurred between FARROW and MCCORKLE

(OPEN: McCorkle).

l. EC-121T: (Gray) Planning meeting scheduled for 1300hrs today to draft an action plan to begin work on the EC-121T. (OPEN: Cawood)

m. AIRPARK COMPLETION: (Koenig) KOENIG & WEAVER will meet to discuss submission of grants to include completion of the current airpark (lighting, benches, and trash cans) Frank Stampf volunteered to assist. (OPEN Koenig).

e. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: (Newman) Poster complete and approved by 21 SW/CC. completion. Welcome to the Pete Museum Tape completed and presented to the staff. Tape will be forwarded to the Wing for final approval. Tape for the 11 SWS ceremonies completed. Will start work on EC-121T tape to be used for fundraising. (OPEN-Newman)



5. NEXT MEETING: 0900 hours, 14 Feb 2003, Old City Hangar.




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