SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 14 Feb 2003

ATTENDEES: Robert "Bob" Koenig Jr, Col, USAF (Ret), Vice President, Edward W. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Col Charles "Sam" Bateman, 21SW, Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret), Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Don Fulkerson, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Dr Ruwell, Curator, Peg Allman-Mesco, Elizabeth Edwards, Frank Stampf, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Jeff Nash, MSgt USAF (Ret), Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Mike McCorkle, 21SW/MU, Joyce Vogel

1. Meeting was called to order by Vice President KOENIG at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar.

2. BOARD MEETING UPDATE: WEAVER reported on the actions taken by the Foundation Board at their 30 January 2003 meeting. Approval was granted for: !) Foundation Logo, 2) purchase of D&O Insurance, 3) Museum Tri-Fold, 4) 2003 Budget, 5) Five Year Financial Plan, 6) membership Pin, 7) 2002 Financial Report, and 8) Organizational Structure with roles and responsibilities. The Board created a steering committee for Fund Raising Activities.


a. FINANCE REPORT: (WEAVER) Financial status as of 12 Feb 2003 was presented to and accepted by the staff. (INFO)

12 Feb 2003 $23,191.08 (Cash on hand)

Income: 2,569.50

Expenditures: 3444.08

b. BOMARC: (RUWELL) Contractor completed construction of the pad. 21CES must obtain crane permit (for base wide use). Col BATEMAN indicated we should have a firm date by next meeting-21 March 2003-in order that we may plan for a dedication ceremony. (OPEN: Dr Ruwell).

c. CITY HANGAR: (GRAY) RUWELL reported design has not been completed (OPEN: Gray).

d. AIRPARK EXPANSION: (GRAY) WEAVER reported plan has been developed and will be presented to the 21CES Commander next week for his review. (OPEN: Gray).

e. P-47N: (McCorkle) Good progress since last meeting. Number of volunteers has increased (last work day 13 individuals turned out). Crew is working on obtaining a number of additional items for the cockpit of the aircraft. Need to do some more research prior to making recommendations for funding to the Foundation. (OPEN: McCorkle).

f. EC-121T: (Gray) MC CORKLE reported the Aircraft door requires immediate attention, a person has been identified to install UV protection for the windows, floor panels are being worked on, seat covers/replacement will be address by a planning meeting on 20 Feb 03, and we are working on bird control (birds are expected back in area Mar-Apr time frame.(OPEN: Cawood)

g. ACCESSION/ARTIFACTS RM: (E.Edwards) Artifacts Room has been cleaned and all artifacts have been removed from the floor. Inventory and storage requirements are now being worked. Required accession actions are being addressed-163 items have been accessed since January. (OPEN: EDWARDS)

h. MEMBERSHIP: (PALMER) Muir Agency has completed the Foundations Tri-Fold and the 20,000 will be picked up today. Membership Pins ordered, should arrive mid March. Continuing to work on articles in numerous organizational newsletters. Need to work on article for the Wing Base Observer on volunteer actions at the Museum (NEWMAN will assist). KOENIG provided GO list from protocol in order that we may begin mailing to recruit new members. (OPEN-PALMER)

i. AIRPARK COMPLETION: (Koenig) Further work on grant is on hold until we get further direction/coordination from the Foundation Board. (OPEN Koenig).

j. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: (Newman) Distribution of the Welcome to the Pete Museum Tape has been completed. Working on EC-121T tape to be used for fundraising. (INFO)

k. GIFT SHOP: (Fulkerson) Still looking for volunteers to help staff the gift shop. Both stereo systems in the terminal have been repaired. This maybe a record month for sales. In response to the 21st SW's request for items to be sold to raise monies for Guardian Challenge, the group approved donation of AFSPC's 20th Anniversary Commander's Poster, Coffee Cup, one year annual membership and History of Space Book. (INFO)

l.WEB SITE: (SMALLEY) Number of hits on site now at 1800 plus. Working on display of inside exhibits. Links page has been added. (INFO)


a. CLEAR VISIT: (RUWELL) Several consoles and numerous pictures were identified for shipment to Peterson. (INFO)

b. EVENT: (KOENIG) The group was asked if it was time to establish a steering group to work on some type of event in the May time frame. General consensus to start planning was reached. KOENIG AND STAMPF will chair the working group. (OPEN: STAMPF)

5. NEXT MEETING: 0900 hours, 21 Mar 2003, Old City Hangar.




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