SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 14 Nov 2003

ATTENDEES: Jerry "Mike" Drennan, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), President, Edward W. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Dr Ruwell, Curator, Elizabeth Edwards, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Mike McCorkle, 21SW/MU, Col M. Yankee, 21SW/DS, Joan Sell, Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret), (Ret), Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret), Don Fulkerson, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jane Newman, MSgt Jim Mesco, Frank Stampf, Col USAF (Ret), John Grier, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Roy Griggs, Col USAF (Ret), John Cawood, Lt Col USAF (Ret)

Meeting was called to order by President DRENNAN at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar. DRENNAN acknowledged the Museum Volunteers who have completed over one year of service. Letters of appreciation and label pins were presented.

DRENNAN read a letter of appreciation received from Mrs. James V. Hartinger resulting from her recent visit to the Museum.


a. FINANCE REPORT: Financial status as of 31 Oct 2003 was presented to and accepted by the staff. (WEAVER-INFO)

31 Oct 2003 $19, 556.20 (Cash on hand)

Income: 1,845.97

Expenditures: 5,000.65

Liabilities & Net Assets: $23,625.35

b. GIFT SHOP: Income for the month of Oct 03 was $849.00. Gift Shop has inventory has been replaced and increased. (Manager was been on leave for two months). Shop will be relocated and expanded next week (18 Nov 03). (FULKERSON-INFO)

c. CITY HANGAR DESIGN (CES): Col Yankee reported that AF Funds will be used to upgrade the Hangar based on the Merrick redesign (Some details remain to be worked out). Once the design is at the 35 percent stage, it will be turned over the SABER contractor to begin work. As a result, funding by the Foundation will not be required. (INFO-COL YANKEE)

d. BROADMOOR HANGAR: Col Yankee reported that FY 2004 monies had been approved to start construction for the addition to the Mission Support Building (#350). The Broadmoor Hangar future utilization will be addressed next week by the Wing Facilities Utilization Board. DRENNAN offered to Col YANKEE any assistance from the Foundation to address Museum needs. (INFO-COL YANKEE)

e. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: E. NEWMAN reported that the Foundation's "Welcome to the Peterson Museum" tape has been aired about 30 to 40 times over the Veteran's Day weekend. The Gazette is working on a story about the Museum which will include the restoration efforts to the P-47N. The article should be in print during early Dec 03. On 13 Nov 03, the Daedalians (about 100) held their monthly luncheon and business meeting in the Hangar. It was a very successful event. (INFO-E-NEWMAN)

f. AIR DEFENSE EXHIBIT: MCKINNEY reported good progress. Floor plan completed, display cases are under construction, the Museum is receiving numerous new items and a number of AD items will be moved from the terminal building to the Hangar next week (18 Nov). (INFO-MCKINNEY)


-HAWK LAUNCHER: New wheels purchased and rims cleaned.

-P-47N: Two new sanders purchased. Excellent progress last work day (1Nov03). Awaiting one more item to complete Cost Estimates for SELL (Draft copy provided).

-EC-121T: Cockpit Sun Block completed by CAWOOD. Power cable has been extended to the nose wheel of the aircraft.

-EB-57: Two members of the Vermont ANG visited the Museum last week to evaluate what repairs and painting the aircraft requires.

h. ACCESSION/ARTIFACTS/VOL SUPPORT ACTIVITIES: 236 items in Sept and 84 items in Oct were accessed. 709 Visitors in Sept and 593 Museum Visitors in Oct. Total Volunteers: 89, 37 volunteers in Sep worked 565 hours while 32 volunteers worked 612.5 hours during the month of Oct 03. All Museum Model aircraft have been accessed, 81 videos donated and accessed. Distress: Gloria IVWURIE (mother) & SMALLEY (mother); Birthdays: CAWOOD 19 Nov LANKFORD 7 Dec) Fire inspection found areas in need of attention within the Artifacts room. Storage space is becoming more and more of a problem. (MCKINNEY & EDWARDS-INFO)

i. EQUIPMENT TURN-IN STATUS: RUWELL reported that the AF Museum is undergoing an audit/investigation, all accession or de-accession activities have been frozen. (OPEN-RUWELL)

j. B-17 MODEL: Bill SHEAVES completed touch up work on the Model. Target date to move and install the Model in the terminal building is the end of November. (INFO-WEAVER)

k. EXHIBIT CONSTRUCTION: J. NEWMAN reported that work should begin shortly on the "Map Room". Large screen TV has failed and requires replacement. Jane and Ernie NEWMAN volunteered to try to find a replace. (INFO-NEWMANs)

l. MEMBERSHIP: Two new members last month (YOUNG-Life and GRIER-annual). (INFO-PALMER)

m. STRATEGIC PLAN: Plan (with new cost estimates) will be briefed to the Foundation Board 5 Dec 03. (OPEN-RUWELL)

n. SPECIAL EVENT: STAMPF reported two special events are planned for 2004. They are a dance in the hangar during the Apr-May time frame and a Sunset in the Park during July. Need to put together working groups and planning cells. (OPEN-STAMPF-KOENIG)


a. PRESENTATION: RUWELL invited everyone to attend an 1100hours presentation (in the Hangar) of a 50 AF Anniversary Poster from CMSgt (Ret) Denver Bolster. 21SW/CV will accept the poster on behalf of the Wing.

b. BIRTHDAY PARTY: CAWOOD invited everyone to attend his Birthday Party in the Hangar Saturday 15 Nov at 1830 hours.

3. NEXT MEETINGS: Combined Board of Directors and Volunteer Staff Meeting at 0900, 5 Dec 03, in the 21SW Commanders Conference Room.




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