SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 16 May 03

ATTENDEES: George Douglas, Major Gen USAF (Ret) Chairman of the Board, Ronald Gray, Brig Gen USAF (Ret) Director of Operations, Edward Weaver, CMSGT USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Dr Ruwell, Curator, MSgt Jim Mesco, SWC/HO, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Mike McCorkle, 21SW/MU, Peg Allman-Mesco, John Cawood, Lt Col USAF (Ret), William D. Fulkerson, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Scott Lee, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jane Newman, Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret), Roy Griggs, Col USAF (Ret) Col Sam Bateman, 21 SW Staff, Jack McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret)

1. Meeting was called to order by Director of Operations GRAY at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar.


a. FINANCE REPORT: Financial status as of 13 May 2003 was presented to and accepted by the staff. (WEAVER-INFO)

13 May 2003 $19065.60 (Cash on hand)

Income: 323.00

Expenditures: 1,002.12

b. BOMARC: Dedication Ceremony changed to1000 hours, 13 Jun 2003. Staff Summary Sheet submitted and approved by Col Latham, 21 SW/CV. Wing will assist in protocol and other matters. Foundation will provide bottled water. Brig Gen Ron GRAY will be Master of Ceremonies, Lt Gen Jay KELLEY (President AF Missiliers) 21 SW/CC or CV, and Major (Ret) THOMSON (BOMARC Project Design Engineer will be part of the ceremony. Working invitations. GRAY asked Dr Ruwell to obtain an accounting of the AAFM BOMARC grant monies (5K) from 21 CES. (OPEN:RUWELL-WEAVER)

c. CITY HANGAR DESIGN: Contract has been awarded by 21 CES. Contractor has until 15 Jul 03 to complete the design. CE & Contractor (Merrick) will meet with Museum/Foundation staff following this meeting for a design update. (OPEN: RUWELL-GRAY).

d. AIRPARK EXPANSION: 21 Space Wing Facilities Board met (12 May 03) and approved the design for the expansion project. S. Parks DEMING represented the Foundation. (CLOSED)

e. F-106 RADOME: Radome was removed from the AC on 3 May 03 and transported to Fort Tuthill (Luke AFB Recreation Center outside Flagstaff AZ on 8 May 03. A member of the144th FIS CAANG took possession and transported the Radome to Fresno ANG CA. The Radome may be back and in place on the "6" prior to the 13 Jun 03 BOMARC Ceremony. (OPEN: SMALLEY)

f. HAWK LAUNCHER: Worldwide Recovery is planning to pick up the launcher in the June/July 03 timeframe and transport it to Peterson AFB. Cost is $2,500.00 to be funded by the 21SW/MU. Still looking for additional missiles. (OPEN-RUWELL-GARRETT)

g. EQUIPMENT TURN-IN: Still no change is status (since Jan 03). DOUGLAS and GRAY expressed their concern with the lack of urgency in removing items from the Hangar AFSPC/CV directed during his recent tour. Dr Ruwell was asked to check on the status with AFSPC/HO after the meeting. (OPEN-RUWELL)

h. P-47N: Excellent progress continues. Engine and props were mated to the AC by Worldwide Recovery. AC may be ready for painting within six months. Next work day is 7 Jun 03. (INFO-McCORKLE).

i. EC-121T: Aircraft main entrance door requires immediate attention and we are working with AIRINC for repairs. DRENNAN and MCCORKLE are working with AIRINC. Tips tanks need to be removed and repainted. Floor panel's clips have been repaired. Positions have been cleaned All seats removed for seat covers/replacement Contractor has been hired to clean the floor covering (working on it as of the meeting)(Foundation Funding) Flight Services has been hired to do touch up paint work starting on or about 1 Jun 03(21 SW/MU funding). Will ask the 144FIS restoration team (during there visit to repair the "6" radome) to work on decals for the EC-121 and "Red Star" for the F-4C. Working to open and clean out engines (INFO NEWMAN-McCORKLE)

j. ACCESSION/ARTIFACTS ROOM: Five more items have been accessed. Numerous 2003 files have had thank you letters prepared but have not been signed (RUWELL). Slides are still being worked (they are about 2/3s complete) Inventory has been completed-1447 items. We now need to match the inventory (accession documents with the real inventory. (INFO: MCKINNEY)

k. VOLUNTEER COORDIATOR: Total number of Volunteers:77; number of volunteers who worked in April: 31; number of hours by volunteers in April: 751.5; number of Museum Visitor's during April: 691. (INFO-MCKINNEY)

m. MEMBERSHIP: Analysis of previous efforts to recruit membership indicates most new members came from individuals who are volunteers and active with on going activities within the Museum. PALMER suggested we reevaluate our priorities. (INFO-PALMER)

n. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Extensive article about the BOMARC appeared in this week's Wing Newspaper. NEWMAN has 90 minutes of video and over 80 digital stills of the arrival and placement of the missile. (INFO-NEWMAN)



o. SPECIAL EVENT: Dr Ruwell will follow up with the 21 Space Wing/DS on letter

requesting support from the Band of the Rockies for an 1800 hours 2 Aug 03 event in the Airpark. (OPEN-STAMPF-KOENIG)

p. GIFT SHOP: FULKERSON reported restocking of the Gift Shop for the summer months is almost complete. One new volunteer but still need more. Now working with Dr Ruwell to expand Gift Shop display area. (INFO: FULKERSON)

q. WEB SITE: Erv SMALLEY reported number of hits on the site at 3460 (since Nov 02). New page on the Site is "Work Day Activities" that will feature ongoing activities at the Museum. (INFO-SMALLEY)

r. EXHIBIT EXPANSION: Jane Newman has submitted numerous Memos for Records to Dr Ruwell to improve restrooms and provide period lighting in the Main Building. Also suggested consideration for two new dioramas. During research in the artifacts room, it was discovered that Lt Edward Peterson had a daughter born five months after his death. NEWMAN will attempt to locate her (J. NEWMAN).


a. MINUTEMAN & PEACEKEEPER MISSILES: Dr RUWELL reported that the AFA maybe interested in transferring their Minuteman III missile to the Pete Museum. AFA needs to coordinate this action with AF Museum. GRAY asked Dr RUWELL to contract the AF Museum to determine what missiles (and their condition) they are willing to transfer to Pete. (ACTION: RUWELL)

b. OPS BUILDING WORK ORDER: GRAY asked McCORKLE to submit an AF Form 332, Work Order Request, to CE to repair/replace the cover over the Bay #2 work-pit (ACTION MCCORKLE).

c. DECALS FOR CF-100 Received an e-mail from Roy THOMPSON indicating he will obtain new decals for the CF-100 (INFO-WEAVER)

d. BOMARC LIGHTING: Dr RUWELL asked the Foundation to consider helping funding of lighting for the BOMARC missile. DOUGLAS and DEMINGS requested details on cost but indicated the Foundation would consider such a request (ACTION-RUWELL).

e. CENTENNIAL OF FLIGHT 1903-2003: Dr RUWELL reported that the 21 Space Wing Command Section designated the Museum as the POC to design an appropriate recognition of the Centennial of Flight (Dec 2003) (INFO: RUWELL).

f. OPERATIONS BUILDING CLEAN-UP: At the direction of the AFSPC/CV, AFSPC/HO removed (24-25 Apr 03) five truck loads of files from the Operations Building (INFO-WEAVER).

g. CITY HANGAR DISPLAY DESIGN: Dr Ruwell expression some serious reservations about the current Old City Hangar display plan developed several months ago. GRAY asked RUWELL to develop a new plan. (ACTION-RUWELL)

3.NEXT MEETING: 0900 hours, 27 June 2003, Old City Hangar.




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