SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 25 July 2003

ATTENDEES: Jerry "Mike" Drennan, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), President, Robert "Bob" Koenig Jr, Col, USAF (Ret), Vice President, Edward W. Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Dr Ruwell, Curator, Elizabeth Edwards, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Mike McCorkle, 21SW/MU, Scott Lee, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Col M. Yankee, 21SW/DS, Joan Sell, Ron Gray, Brig Gen USAF (Ret) Director of Operations, Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jeff Nash, MSgt USAF (Ret), Roy Griggs, Col USAF (Ret), Jim Palmer, Col USAF (Ret)

Meeting was called to order by President DRENNAN at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar. DRENNAN reflected on the accomplishments during the past year and the progress made at the Museum. He thanked everyone for their efforts and hard work. Col Yankee, the new 21 SW Director was introduced and welcomed.


a. FINANCE REPORT: Financial status as of 25 July 2003 was presented to and accepted by the staff. (WEAVER-INFO)

25 Jul 2003 $20, 673.07 (Cash on hand)

Income: 879.50

Expenditures: 485.72

b. GIFT SHOP: Income as of 22 Jul was $879.50. We expect to reach our 1K sales goal for the month. Re-stocking current under way. (FULKERSON-INFO)

c. CITY HANGAR DESIGN (CES): No chance in status. Still awaiting reply from SHPO-suspense is 8 Aug 03. (DR RUWELL-OPEN)

d. P-47N RESTORATION: Good progress during the last work day. Air Intake and Exhaust systems were placed back on the Aircraft. Still looking for a unit to adopt the Aircraft. MC CORKLE thanked the work crew for their support. (MC CORKLE-INFO)

e. EC-121T RESTORATION: Good progress. Number 3 and 4 engines have been opened and cleaned. Work continues in the cockpit area. DEMINGS turned over an 8 day clock (missing from the Aircraft) that he received from a retired USAF Colonel. Seat repair will start 4 Aug 03. DRENNAN & WEAVER has been in contact with AIRINC regarding crew door repair. (MC CORKLE-INFO)

f. HAWK LAUNCHER STATUS: Arrival at Peterson has been delayed until late Sept 03. World wide Recovery will transport the launcher from China Lake after they complete their work at Edwards AFB. China Lake also reported they maybe able to provide two additional missiles to our museum. (DR RUWELL-OPEN)

g. WEB SITE: Over 5,000 hits to date. Currently working to expand our web site coverage of the Canadian NORAD Museum. (SMALLEY-INFO)

h. BOMARC LIGHTING: GRAY questioned the $3,500 cost for lighting of the BOMARC. Monies remaining from the AAFM grant: 1,064 dollars. Col Yankee will discuss the matter with the 21 CES/CC. (DR RUWELL-OPEN)

i. EQUIPMENT TURN-IN: CMOC equipment has been removed from the Hangar by Base Supply. Still awaiting direction from AFSPC/HO on the MILSTAR equipment. Dr Ruwell will again attempt to get a position from the HQs Staff. (OPEN-RUWELL)

j. ACCESSION/ARTIFACTS RM: 37 more items were accessed during June. Education Library Books are only hours from being accessed and cataloged. More slides have been found and are being processed. 90 percent of the inventory has been accounted for. 1161 Museum Visitors in the month of June. 33 volunteers worked 451 hours during the month of June. (MCKINNEY & EDWARDS-INFO)

k. MEMBERSHIP: Foundation will target various private military organizations to attract new members. PALMER asked for help to ID agencies in the locator area. You can e-mail him at with any information. (INFO-PALMER)

m. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Rotarian visit to the Museum went well. They expressed interest in helping to Air Condition the Terminal Building. Signs for the Sunset in the Park event completed and posted, article in this week's Wing Newspaper. NEWMAN expressed his thanks for the outstanding support the Foundation has received from the Wing's Public Affairs staff. Col Yankee indicated he would pass his comments on. (INFO-NEWMAN)

n. SPECIAL EVENT: Event is scheduled for 1700 hours 2 Aug 2003. The Band of the Rockies' Stellar Brass will perform a 75 minute program in the Air Park. Dogs, Burgers, chips and bottled water will be provided free. Working groups have worked out most of the details. KOENIG thanked Col Yankee and the 21 SW for their outstanding support for the program. (OPEN-STAMPF-KOENIG)


a. VOLUNTEERS: Joan Sell was introduced. She has volunteered to coordinate Foundation Fund Raising activities. Terry Galbreath was introduced. He has volunteered for Aircraft Restoration activities. (INFOR)

b. STRATGIC PLAN: DRENNAN asked GRIGGS to schedule a planning meeting for September. (OPEN-GRIGGS)

c. DS BRIEFING: DRENNAN asked that Col Yankee receive an orientation briefing from the Foundation. (OPEN-WEAVER)

d. AIR DEFENSE EXHIBIT: GRAY suggested that the Foundation begin construction of a plan for the Air Defense Exhibit. DR RUWELL agreed. MCKINEEY volunteered to form and chair a small work group of individuals who have AD background. (OPEN-MCKINNEY)

e. MEDAL OF HONOR MEMORIAL: MCCORKLE has been in contact with the

21 SW/CCC (Chief Clarke) to update the names on the Memorial. (OPEN-MCCORKLE)

3. NEXT MEETING: 0900 hours, 22 Aug 2003, Old City Hangar.




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