SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 27 June 2003

ATTENDEES: Bob Koenig, Col USAF (Ret), Vice President, Ronald Gray, Brig Gen USAF (Ret) Director of Operations, Edward Weaver, CMSGT USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Dr Ruwell, Curator, S. Park Demings, Foundation Board Member, Mike McCorkle, 21SW/MU, William D. Fulkerson, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Scott Lee, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jane Newman, Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Roy Griggs, Col USAF (Ret), Jack McKinney, CMSGT USAF (Ret), Elizabeth Edwards, Frank Stampf, Col USAF (Ret)

1. Meeting was called to order by Director of Operations GRAY at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar.


a. FINANCE REPORT: Financial status as of 26 Jun 2003 was presented to and accepted by the staff. (WEAVER-INFO)

26 Jun 2003 $19993.98 (Cash on hand)

Income: 2,083.65

Expenditures: 1,135.74

b. GIFT SHOP: FULKERSON reported a record sales month for Jun 03-$1,423.65 Two new volunteers signed up for duty in the Gift Shop. (INFO)

c. F-106A RADOME: Two members (Bill Emery & Barry Brown) of the 144FIG (CA ANG) Fresno mated the repaired radome to the aircraft 19 Jun 03. General Eberhart visited (20 Jun-see pictures on Web Site) the Museum and personally thanked the crew for their outstanding support. President DRENNAN and Board Member SPRAKER also expressed their appreciation (picture on Web Site) to the crew who replaced the two damaged AIM-4s on the CF-101, Placing the Red Star on the F-4C, repainting the EB-57 radome, and repairing a panel on the F-94.(CLOSED)

d. BOMARC: Dedication Ceremony was conducted 000 hours, 13 Jun 2003. Brig Gen Ron GRAY was the Master of Ceremonies, Lt Gen Jay KELLEY (President AF Missiliers), 21 SW/CV, Ron Willard, Major CAF (Ret) and Paula THOMSON-daughter of Major (Ret) THOMSON (BOMARC Project Design Engineer were the guest speakers. Over 100 individuals were in attendance. RUWELL reported 21 CES didn't use the entire 5K grant (over 1K was not used) from the AAFM. GRAY asked Dr Ruwell to obtain a cost estimate from the 21 CES for the lighting of the missile. AAFM indicated that the Museum may use remaining monies for the lighting project. (OPEN:RUWELL)

e. HAWK LAUNCHER: Worldwide Recovery is planning to pick up the launcher in the July 03 timeframe and transport it to Peterson AFB. Cost is $2,500.00 to be funded by the 21SW/MU. Still looking for additional HAWK missiles. (OPEN-RUWELL-GARRETT)

f. EQUIPMENT TURN-IN: NASA equipment has been removed (3 Jun) from the Hangar by TMO for shipment to the AF Museum. 21 MX is working to obtain necessary documentation to turn in the remaining "Junk" to DMRO at Ft Carlson. GRAY asked RUWELL to check on the status. (OPEN-RUWELL)

g. P-47N: Next work day is 12 Jul 03. (INFO-McCORKLE).

h. EC-121T: Aircraft main entrance door requires immediate attention and we are working with AIRINC for repairs. DRENNAN is working with AIRINC. Flight Services completed touch painting of the radome, props, landing gear, and wheel wells. Work on the 26 seats should begin in mid-July 03.(INFO-McCORKLE)

j. ACCESSION/ARTIFACTS ROOM: Inventory has been completed-1447 items. We now are matching the inventory list with the real inventory. (INFO: EDWARDS)

k. VOLUNTEER COORDIATOR: Total number of Volunteers:79; number of volunteers who worked in Jun: 29; number of hours by volunteers in Jun: 650; number of Museum Visitor's during April: 1056. Please provide volunteer hours to Eliz Edwards. (INFO-EDWARDS)

m PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Extensive article about the BOMARC Dedication Ceremony appeared in this week's Wing Newspaper. E. NEWMAN working on tape of the Ceremony. (INFO-E. NEWMAN)

n. SPECIAL EVENT: The Band of the Rockies has confirmed a performance by the Stellar Brass for a salute to the DoD family at 1800 on 2 Aug 03, at the Airpark. KOENIG scheduled a working group meeting for 1500 hours 2 Jul 03 in the City Hangar. KOENIG asked RUWELL to notify the Wing and have representation from at least PA & CCP at the meeting. (OPEN-STAMPF-KOENIG)

o. WEB SITE: Erv SMALLEY reported number of hits on the site at more than 4000 (since Nov 02). New page on the Site is "Work Day Activities" that now features ongoing activities at the Museum. (INFO-SMALLEY)

p. EXHIBIT EXPANSION: Jane Newman submitted a floor plan for the City Hangar. Agreement was reached as to the general structures and display cases to be constructed inside the hangar.(INFO: J. NEWMAN).

q. OPS BUILDING MCCORKLE reported work order has been submitted to 21CES to replace work-pit cover. (CLOSED)


a. INFORMATION: GRIGGS reported he had spent sometime briefing Joan Sell on Museum operations. (INFO-GRIGGS)

b. DECALS FOR CF-100 Received an e-mail from Roy THOMPSON indicating he had obtain the new decals for the CF-100 and would organize a Canadian work party to place them on the Aircraft. (INFO-RUWELL)

3. NEXT MEETING: 0900 hours, 25 Jul 2003, Old City Hangar.




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