SUBJECT: Peterson Air & Space Museum Volunteers Staff Meeting, 12 March 04

ATTENDEES: Ron Gray, Brig Gen USAF (Ret), Vice President, Ed Weaver, CMSgt USAF (Ret) Secretary/Treasurer, Dr Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Museum Director, Col Yankee, 21SW/DS, Elizabeth Edwards, S. Parks Deming, Foundation Board Member, Mike McCorkle, Assistant Director, Jack McKinney, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Ernie Newman, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Frank Stampf, Col USAF (Ret), John Grier, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Erv Smalley, SMSgt USAF (Ret), Scott Lee, CMsgt USAF (Ret), Dave Austin, CMSgt USAF (Ret), Jane Newman, Joan Sell, TSgt Nathan Spreitler, 50 SW, Gene Killan, Col USAF (Ret), Jerry Kovach, Lt Col USAF (Ret)

A. Meeting was called to order by Vice President Gray (President Mike Drennan TDY) at 0900 hours in the Old City Hangar. MCORKLE introduced new volunteer Gene KILLAN (Archives) and Jerry KOVACH (P-47N) to the group.

B. OLD BUSINESS: Financial status as of 29 Feb 04 was presented to and accepted by the staff. Statement is attached. (WEAVER-INFO)

Cash Available: 16,390

CY 04 Income: 2,854

CY 03 Expenditures: 3,747


January February

Visitors 409 498

Vols working this month 40 57

Volunteer Hours 1,056 1,184

Accessions 61 69


2. Gift Shop: Inventory for end of 2003 was 5,974. Income for first three months 634 dollars. New Pete Museum Baseball hats received 11 March 04. (GRIER-INFO)

3. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: B-17 Ceremony 17 Feb 03 was outstanding. Attendance was 103 guests (22 former POWs). Media coverage was extensive: Wing Newspaper, the Gazette, Boston Globe, Kansas City Stars, AFSPC News Service, AF Times. E. NEWMAN thanked Col YANKEE and 21SW PA staff for all their help. RUWELL thanked the Foundation for the Letter of Appreciation given to the Base Observer Editor-TSGT Mike Phillips. Still working on obtaining P-47 gun camera film.


4. AIR DEFENSE EXHIBIT: On going-nothing significant to report. MCKINNEY did ask RUWELL for status of his "Wish List" from the AF Museum-still working with AFSPC. (McKINNEY-INFO)

5. HAWK MISSILES: Two more HAWK missiles arrived from the China Lake Museum. Need to develop a plan to restore launcher and place it on display. (MCCORKLE-INFO)

6. P-47N: The Aircraft still scheduled for painting in Aug 04 with the help of the CA ANG (Bill Emery). Preparation work is on schedule to meet this date. Contract has been approved to out source preparation work on 32 items. (MCCORKLE-INFO)

7. EC-121T: Power has been connected to the Aircraft. Work continues in the cockpit. AUSTIN is working on window coverings. (McCORKLE-INFO)

8. WEB SITE: 52 percent of capability has been used. 10,200 plus hits on the Site. We will need to update site as we continue to build new exhibits. Also working with MCKINNEY on a new feature, details to follow. (SMALLEY-INFO)

9. TERMINAL WW II EXHIBIT: Approximately sixty percent complete. Additional items will be put on display during the next two weeks. Alexander Aircraft Bullet wing and "Jack" prop now on display. Minor construction and additional display cases need to be built. (J. NEWMAN-INFO)

10. ICBM EXHIBIT: Equipment has been cleaned. (GRAY-INFO)

11. MEMBERSHIP: Both AFA & Daedalians Chapters' Newsletters will feature Museum article and membership information. (WEAVER-INFO)

12. STRATEGIC PLAN: Plan has been completed. Working out details with AFSPC/HO staff. (RUWELL-INFO)

13. BOEING EXHIBIT: Exhibit will be on display from 4 May-5 Jun 2004. Reception will be the evening of 11 May 04. GRAY ask for volunteers to secure the hangar during this period. (RUWELL-WEAVER ACTION)

14. SPECIAL EVENTS: The 21SWing will request the AFA Band for either the18th or 25th Sep 04 for our Sunset in the Park. First planning meeting will be as soon as we receive a firm date from AFA. The Foundation will support a reception/dance on the Hangar on 14 May 05 for the Air Force Iceland Reunion. We will meet with the Iceland working committee on 17 Apr 04. Fund raising dinner dance will in June 2005. (MCKINNEY-INFO)

15. F-101b & F-104A STATIC DISPLAYS: 21CES (Structure Engineer) has inspected the aircraft and indicated they are safe. As an added precaution, RUWELL will ask the 302 AW structure shop to also inspect the aircraft. (RUWELL-ACTION)

16. F-106 DROP TANKS: Received call from DM individual who indicated tanks were not available. FULKERSON plans to visit (with in the next few weeks) DM to confirm. (RUWELL-INFO)

17. MARKETING: SELL has met with Wilheim Monuments on the design for the PAVERs. She is also working with BOEING to include the Museum Activities and Membership as part of the 11 May 04 reception. SELL also turned over a donation of 1,000 dollars from the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). (SELL-INFO)



1. ARTIFACTS INVENTORY: McKINNEY asked that members insure that they report when any artifacts are moved to MCKINNEY/EDWARDS. This will insure that we keep the inventory current. (MCKINNEY-INFO)

2. SECURITY: RUWELL asked that volunteers report in to the Operation Building or Terminal particularly on weekends. This will insure that Museum Staff members are aware of on going activities on the Museum grounds. (RUWELL-INFO)

3. VOLUNTEERS: GRAY asked the group to think about how we can have additional volunteers to help staff the various facilities as the Museum continues to expand. We will discuss this at the next meeting.


4 ROCKET CLUB: MCORKLE has made initial contact with a local Rocket Club who have expressed interest in building for scale rockets/missiles for our static display aircraft. (MCCORKLE-INFO)

5. CM COC WORKING GROUP: MCKINNEY reported a Cheyenne Mountain Combat Operations Working Group has been formed and will have their second meeting within the next couple of weeks. Col (Ret) Robert Emmons, Former Command Director, will chair the group. (MCKINNEY)

E. CLOSING REMARKS: Next meeting will be 0900hrs, 2 April 04, Old City Hangar.