SUBJECT:  Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs,

25 Jan 2015

ATTENDEES:  Austin, Dave; Blanshine, Janet; Brown, John; Burns, Dick; Grier, John; Henderson, Jim; Howells, Glynn; Howells, Phyllis; Kleveno, Al; Long, Bruce;  Miller, Mike; Mogel, Jake; Moyer, Norm; Pfennig, Tonya; Silber, Carl; Yepez, Linda; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.

OPENING REMARKS:  Meeting called to order by Jim Henderson




-          Management Review;

-    Minutes Approval: (Henderson)

-      23 November 2015 Meeting Minutes reviewed.

Financial Review (Long)

-          Financial report for 31 Dec 15 reviewed.  Cash balance $54,931. Year 2015 income $16,616 (51% is museum store), expense $32,312 (31% is museum store).

-        Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers For Year 2015(Henderson):

-          Volunteer Hours: 9,511 v 9,206 for 2014

-          Visitors: 19,812 v 23,555 for 2014

.  Web Site, FB through April 15 (Data from McClelland& Nash):

-          Website Hits: 33,663 v 29,725 for 2014

-          Facebook views: 84,696 v 22,308 for 2014

Museum Store Update (Blanshine & Silber)

-          The store space has been expanded and re-arranged.  Inventory will be expanded.  Please do not re-arrange displays.

        Director’s Update (Whalen)

-          The CF-18 delivery date is uncertain.

-          There will be a “heritage audit” conducted by Air Force personnel this week.

-          Representative of DeMolay will be here to talk about Lt. Peterson, who is scheduled to be inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame.

-          The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station 50th anniversary celebration will we held in May.

-          A new person to handle the water and snack provisions for the docent crews is needed.

-          Volunteer Appreciation Day planning is starting.  April event.

-          Any requests for visits with a political purpose must be cleared in advance by the 21SW commander.

-          Please do not send anything that sounds political to museum staff by email.

-          Remember to turn out the lights in the EC-121.



-          Bruce Long announced that this will be his last year as PASMF Treasurer.  Volunteer(s) are needed.

-          Long reminded all that Trip Advisor is our friend – ask visitors to submit a review.

                        The group moved to the City Hangar at 0955 to get familiarization on the two interactive             Space and Missle Warning Kiosks.


Meeting adjourned at 1040 hrs.


3.       NEXT MEETING:

                                                The next Staff meeting is scheduled for 29 February 2016 at 0900. 



Respectfully submitted,


 Jim Henderson, Secretary