SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs,

25 July 2016


ATTENDEES: Austin, Dave; Bemis, Brown, John; Fox, Jimmie; Freyer, Gus; Galbreath, Terry; Harris, Jim; Henderson, Jim; Lee, Bob; Lee, Brian; McClelland, Ron; Mika, Ed; Miller, Mike; Mogel, Jake; Moyer, Norm; Silber, Carl; Yepez, Linda; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director



OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order at 0900.


No changes in minutes of Jun meeting.

Henderson, for Treasurer Long, presented the June 2016 financial report: YTD Revenue $22,210; YTD Expense $8,070 plus $7,342 cost-of-goods sold in Museum Store; Cash in bank $43,811 for operations and $19,076 for Broadmoor Hangar Renovation.

Henderson presented the May statistics: volunteers hours 4,430 YTD Jun v 4,780 in 2015, visitors YTD Jun 10,398 v 8,509 in 2015, Website visits YTD May 20,019 v 17,010 in 2015, Facebook visits YTD May 147,977 v 23,361 in 2015.

McClelland commented that online visitor requests are over 600 per month. The Galaxy of Stars has added five new members up to 140 now.


Curator Update (Whalen)

Visitor numbers have recently been averaging over 100 per day recently and about 50 (by observation) on Sundays.

When observing Pokeman-Go players walking around with their eyes on their phones, let them know that the area behind the City Hangar and toward Bldg. 920 is off limits.

Aircraft painting is almost finished for this year.

Remember to notify the office and mark the calendar when you cannot be present for docent duty.

Meeting relocated to the City Hangar at 0920 hours for review and discussion of exhibits therein.


Meeting adjourned at 1100 hours.


Next meeting: 29 August at 0900 hrs.



Respectfully submitted,

Jim Henderson, Secretary.