1100 Monday 25 February 2019

Broadmoor Hangar Meeting room


0900 CALL TO ORDER     - 1103


Attendees:  Dick Burns, Bruce Long, Ron McClelland, Gail Whalen (DAFC), Errol Reiner, Glyn Howells, Phyllis Howells, Jim Henderson, Mike Miller, Ron Solomon,


PASM Director’s report


Saturday opening support will start on Tuesday Mar 19, 9 to 4 pm


City Hanger –

o   Vietnam exhibit is just about ready

o   Looking for sandbags

o   Interior updates have begun - We are proofing the graphics and text, Vietnam mural completed, artifacts being installed and we expect to complete the installation soon. 

o   Would like to schedule an evening exhibit opening at Door R City Hangar.

o   Request Museum Foundation compile a list of guests so we can start working entry access.

Broadmoor Hanger –

o   CE will do the restoration of the BH

o   CE working on fixing the flood issues and modifying the landscape

o   Working with Civil Engineering to get a breakout of dollars spent specifically for the Broadmoor Hangar.  Need the estimate for the BOD to show how much the base contributions and to enable the BOD to proceed with fundraising

o   Need for Museum Foundation rep to be at any future meetings

o   Civilian team will do the architecture for the BH


AFCEC and CE reps met with Museum staff regarding itemized wall-to-wall project list for all of Museum buildings

o   To be used for 2019 21 SW Funded Project listings

o   Include figuring out how to use any $$ allocated to the Museum Foundation through a History Colorado Grant.


o   Tiles will be installed after the wall gets fixed

MOH site needs repair, includes wall

Presidents Report

o   Need to re-energize the volunteers and do more of the Foundation’s business

o   Need to identify a Docent Coordinator to liaison between Museum staff, Foundation Officers and volunteers.

o   January Financial report approved

o   January Minutes approved

o   Use web site that is available

o   Increase effort to recruit new volunteers/Docents

o   Identify organizations that might have folks that would volunteer


Regional Pikes Peak Air Show, 21-22 Sep

o   Going to spread aircraft across taxiway

o   Going to spread out gift shop locations

o   Need volunteers same as last year

o   Discussed volunteer status, locations/tasks

o   Set up starting on Wed. 09/18, cleanup Monday 09/23

o   Monthly meetings to be attended




o   Kay Pennay is attempting to schedule a Cheyenne Mountain tour for Docents and one guest.  .

o   TASK.  Once published, need Docents to hand out Museum newsletters.

o   TASK.  Gail to provide email to set up time for Docents to show up for group picture.

o   Medal of Honor celebration moved to May timeframe.

o   Discussed sit down dinner

o   With all the new commands and Commander changes, we don’t know what will happen to us in the BH

o   Discussed date and time for Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


Closing Remarks

o   Next meeting is Monday Mar 25 at 0900 in the BH



o   1026