1100 Monday 29 April 2019

Broadmoor Hangar Meeting room


0900 CALL TO ORDER     - 0900


Attendees:  Bruce Long, Ron McClelland, Gail Whalen (DAFC), Errol Reiner, Glyn Howells, Phyllis Howells, Jim Henderson, Mike Miller, Ron Solomon, Jake Mogel, John Brown, Linda Yepez, Lydia Todd, Dick Burns


PASM Director’s report

o   Gail travel to Thule Apr 10 through 19.

o   With the bad weather, continue to look for leaks in the various buildings on the campus.


Broadmoor Hanger expansion/development:

Discussions continue with potential modernization of BH. 

Will spend up to $95K this year for the charrette which will result in a project and funding document for 2020/2021 budget.


Regardless of who ends up being located in the BH, it will need to be brought up to code which will include a sprinkler system and other modifications.  USSPACECOM or other agencies may require some space within the BH.  Yet to be determined.


Broadmoor Hangar Exterior Upgrades

Completed-vestibule replacement, positive drainage, overgrown plants removed, new landscaping installed

- In the works – exterior paint repairs including replacing stucco where needed


Aircraft painting/restoration

Fully funded for 2018/2019 – resumes when weather stabilizes

2018 – Canberra - upgrade continues.

2019 – Shooting Star, Delta Dagger, Hornet, Voodoo, BOMARC


Aircraft signage replaced by base contract -F-94 Starfire, F-89 Scorpion, T-33 Shooting Star, Nike HAWK, BOMARC, Nike Hercules.

Still due: EB-57 Canberra, CF-100 Canuck, Nike Ajax, F-4 Phantom


Due to be completed with PASM Foundation funding: F-104 Starfighter, P-40 Warhawk

Includes fabrication of the sign structure (Arms Inc., -Frank), graphics (Diane artist) – and vinyl sign production (Microcrafts)


Vietnam Exhibit will be ready soon


Medal of Honor Park Update

CE structure evaluated and determined the sidewalks and wall structures are failing and need complete repair.


 CE will install the commemorative tiles in place of the existing tiles on the MOH back wall, but only after repairs have been made. 2020 project – 21 SW funds


National Listing:

Don’t get rid of anything that relates to NORAD.



Admin folks are being pulled from many units on base.  New building will be built where the softball diamonds are currently located. 

Presidents Report

o   Need to re-energize the volunteers and do more of the Foundation’s business

o   Need to identify a Docent Coordinator to liaison between Museum staff, Foundation Officers and volunteers.

o   February Financial report approved, should we lose our space in BH, we will need to contact Donors to see where they want to shift their donations.

o   February Minutes approved

o   Use web site that is available

o   Increase effort to recruit new volunteers/Docents

o   Identify organizations that might have folks that would volunteer


Regional Pikes Peak Air Show, 21-22 Sep

o   Going to spread aircraft across taxiway

o   Going to spread out gift shop locations, we are right by the C-17 in the middle entrance

o   Need volunteers same as last year

o   Discussed volunteer status, locations/tasks

o   Set up starting on Wed. 09/18, cleanup Monday 09/23

o   Monthly meetings to be attended




o   Kay Pennay is attempting to schedule a Cheyenne Mountain tour for Docents and one guest. 

o   Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at PAFB club, Wednesday 8 May at 6 pm.

o   New PAFB Museum movie is available on FaceBook


Closing Remarks

o   Next meeting is Monday 24 June at 0900 in the BH



o   1008