0900 Monday 29 July 2019

                                                Broadmoor Hangar Meeting room                                               


0900 CALL TO ORDER     - 0900


Attendees:  Bruce Long, Gail Whalen (DAFC), Errol Reiner, Glyn Howells, Phyllis Howells, Linda Yepez, Lydia Todd, Valencia Shuler, Mike Miller, Jake Mogel, Ron McClelland, Joe Murphy, Jim Henderson, Ron Solomon


Management Review

o   June Financial review

o   June minutes review

o   Visitors –

o   Volunteer hours -


PASM Director’s report

o   With the bad weather, continue to look for leaks in the various buildings on the campus.

o   Eight aircraft to be painted and repaired this year

o   Meeting with new 21st CC, Col Fazarono, 7/29   

o   No ceremonies to be scheduled in City Hanger after 9/30

o   Can hire interns through 21st  SW Legal office


City Hanger update

Showed new floor plan draft

Vietnam exhibit open

Start moving walls and exhibits in Oct 2019

Paint floor after cleaning rafters

Be ready in Jan/Feb timeframe



Broadmoor Hanger expansion/development:

Keep current office space

Will move in some mission staff

Innovation center still in discussions

            Use for ceremonial events

            Use as conference room


Presidents Report

o    Volunteer recruitment and revitalization

o    Thanks to Gail – we have gained 2 volunteers, one of whom is an intern. 

o    Significant donation received from a trust fund. The amount is somewhat flexible, but we are identified as receiving the largest donation from the trust.  

o    Air Show Planning

o    We will have the same size tent as the last air show (20 x 40) with 4 walls

o    We will provide our own tables, chairs, and electricity.   Our tent will be behind the tent for the WW II Museum tent. 

o    Concessionaire wristbands have been ordered.

§  Assuming 5 persons per shift, 2 shifts per day

§  Also requested 2 Sponsor wristbands for Gail and Jeff.  Will withdraw that request, since they won’t need it.

§  We will park in concessionaire lot, and enter through Concessionaire entrance. 

o    Signup sheets have been printed and placed in the Docent Office.

§  We need to see how we are doing to get our volunteers

·         Need to know if we have enough or too many early

·         Excessive volunteers will be asked to consider volunteering at the PPRAS web site

§  We understand that volunteers will want to make changes up until 15 Sep.      

§  Anyone currently volunteering with the museum may support the store or the museum exhibits in the education tent. 

o    We are still determining the concessionaire status.  The air show personnel are working to see what this means in total.  Here’s what we do know:

§  We have asked the question regarding whether the product limitations previously put into place or not.




Closing Remarks

o   Next meeting is Monday 26 August at 0900 in the BH



o   1008