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10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday

*** Saturday Tours by Appointment Only.***
(Please see Saturday tour instructions below)

Groups and visitors who do not possess Military ID cards must have a base pass to gain access to Peterson Air Force Base and the Museum. Call 719-556-4915, or groups less than 10 may access the on-line visit request form below, at least one day in advance (2 days for parties with foreign visitors) of your visit to arrange for your pass, using these procedures:
— Please call between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM MST or submit on-line requests by 1:00 PM MST.
— State or federal issued Photo ID is required. (NOTE: State driver’s licenses or ID cards marked with “NOT VALID FOR FEDERAL ID” or with similar statements will not be accepted for entry onto Peterson Air Force Base.)
— Drivers will need to have proof of insurance and registration for their vehicles.
— Absolutely no firearms or other weapons are allowed on base. Visitors with firearms will be turned over to Colorado Springs Police Department.
— Acceptance of a base visitor pass means all visitors consent to search of vehicles or personal belongings anytime while on Peterson Air Force Base.
— You will receive your pass at the Security Forces Visitor Center, located to the right just before the West Gate. Please have your ID, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance available. Once you receive your pass, return to your vehicle and proceed to the West Gate. Please have your pass, ID, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance available to the entry controllers at the gate.

“ACCESS” procedures listed above apply, except:
— To arrange a Saturday tour, call the Museum Staff, 719-556-5543, or 719-556-8314.
— Tours will only be scheduled for groups of 20 or more.
— Tours must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival date.
— All tour participants must arrive together at the pre-arranged time.
— Tours will be scheduled to last up to two and a half hours from the start time. After two and a half hours, the Museum will have to close and participants will need to depart. Please arrange transportation accordingly.
— INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Museum Director may contact the Group Point-Of-Contact up to 6:00pm the day before the scheduled tour to cancel due to inclement weather.
— On the day of the tour, proceed directly to the West Gate for entry. For groups traveling in multiple vehicles, please have your ID, registration and proof of insurance available to the entry controllers at the gate. For groups traveling in a bus, please have your ID available if the entry controller boards the bus.

On-Line Visit Request (Temporarily Unavailable)


The Peterson Air and Space Museum is located inside Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Use the West Gate to enter.

*** NOTE: Do NOT enter the Museum address into GPS. You will be directed to the incorrect entry gate. To use GPS, enter the Visitor Center address, 1334 West Stewart Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80916, as the destination or a waypoint. ***

Travel east on Airport Road from its Powers Boulevard intersection, then turn right onto Stewart Avenue. The Security Forces Visitor Center is located to the right just before the West Gate.

Once you have entered the base, remain on Stewart Avenue until the intersection with Peterson Boulevard. Turn right onto Peterson Boulevard. Turn left at Ent Avenue. Parking is available in front of the Museum at 150 E. Ent Avenue.

peterson museum map Driving Route to Peterson Air & Space Museum