Our airpark is anchored by 3 of the 4 original City of Colorado Springs’ municipal airport buildings. The airpark is designed to give you a “walk through time.” Start behind the original 1941 airport Passenger terminal and walk in a clockwise direction. You’ll see the story of the air defense of North America during the Cold War. Begin with the first generation of USAF fighter interceptors (such as the 1950s era F-86L Sabre) and walk around to the more modern Vietnam era fighters on the right (such as the F-4 Phantom). These fighter interceptors had a role: intercept and identify, scare off, or shoot down enemy aircraft — specifically Soviet bombers. The aircraft in the middle of the park—the EC-121T Warning Star — was used as a flying radar ship. It tracked enemy and friendly aircraft and directed our fighter interceptors to the intercept.

You’ll also see surface-to-air missiles throughout the park, such as the BOMARC, Nike Ajax and Hercules, and the HAWK systems on display.

You’ll also see three Canadian aircraft —- the CF-100 Canuck and CF-101 Voodoo, and our newest edition to the Airpark is the CF-188A Hornet. These were used as fighter-interceptors and as electronic warfare aircraft. It’s important to remember that the defense of North America is shared by the US and Canada.

Peterson Air Space F86-sabre


Peterson Air Space F94C Starfire

F94C Starfire

Peterson Air Space T33A Shooting Star

T33A Shooting Star

Peterson Air Space EB-57E Canberra

EB-57E Canberra


EC-121T Warning Star


CF-100 Canuck


CF-188A Hornet

Peterson Air Space- F-106A Delta Dart

F-106A Delta Dart

Peterson Air Space F89J-scorpion

F-89J Scorpion

Peterson Air Space CIM-10A Bomarc

CIM-10A Bomarc

Peterson Air Space MIM-23 Hawk

MIM-23 Hawk

Peterson Air Space MIM-3 Nike- Ajax

MIM-3 Nike- Ajax

Peterson Air Space MIM-14 Nike Hercules

MIM-14 Nike Hercules

Peterson Air Space CF-101B Voodoo

CF-101B Voodoo

Peterson Air Space F-15A Eagle

F-15A Eagle

Peterson- Air Space F-4C- Phantom

F-4C- Phantom