Related Websites

Pikes Peak Regional Air Show – The Pikes Peak Regional Air Show is run by a volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and proceeds from the air show will benefit three museums: The National Museum of World War II Aviation, The Ft. Carson 4th Infantry Division Museum, and The Peterson Air and Space Museum.

AIR MUSEUM GUIDE – A website by Igor Karon, dedicated to “… sharing photos and stories from aviation museums I visited and air shows I attended with an ultimate goal to inspire others to visit one too and support aviation history preservation.”

ONLINE AIR DEFENSE RADAR MUSEUM – A “must see” virtual museum of  history concerning Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons. A terrific collection of photos showing the “ground side” of Air Defense.

CONSTELLATION SURVIVORS, by Ralph Pettersen, is a website that shows the remaining 55 known Connie survivors. The Peterson Air & Space Museum’s EC-121T is one of these survivors. Click on L1049 for the Museum’s bird, S/N 52-3425.

ASSOCIATION OF AIR FORCE MISSILEERS – An organization dedicated to the preservation of missile history and who was instrumental in funding the preservation of the Peterson Air & Space Museum’s BOMARC missile.

Iceland Radar Sites – A website dedicated to the 667th, 932nd, 933rd, & 934th AC&W Squadrons from 1953 to present.

Peterson Space Force Base – Link to the military’s Peterson SFB website.

Air Force Museum Foundation – Website

Galaxy of Stars – The Pete Museum established a means to commemorate the thousands of Canadian and US military personnel who manned the air defense facilities and weapon systems. Pete Museum volunteer Ron McClelland maintains this website.

USAF Academy Band – Website about the USAF Academy located at Colorado Springs CO

World War 2 U.S. Army Enlistment Archive – Developed by Crafted Knowledge, a San Diego internet media development agency.  Records of 8,433,326 U.S. Army soldiers, reservists, and enlistees — Officers as well as enlisted men and women, foreign scouts and nationals, etc.

Checkertail Reunion – The Checkertail Association, the World War II veterans group for the 325th Fighter Group, organizes the Annual Checkertail Reunions, maintains the website and engages in promoting and promulgating knowledge of the legendary WWII war service of the Checkertails.