July 06


Welcome to our first Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation Newsletter. The mission of our Newsletter is to make sure that you are kept fully aware of the many things taking place at the Museum.


We want you to feel like you are right here with us as we go about the daily activities that maintain the planes, artifacts and exhibits for our visitors and you.


With that in mind, we will bring the Newsletter to you once each calendar quarter. And, we invite you to tell us if there are other things you would like included in future issues. Please direct your comments, via email, to j32lmck@aol.com.




The Museum is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and is closed Sunday, Monday and Federal Holidays.


Access to the Museum requires a military ID card or current driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of automobile insurance. Other than those with military ID card, visitors must call the museum (556-4915) to arrange for admissionand admission is possible through the North Gate only. Admission is always free.




It occurs to us that you might like to know who we are at the Peterson Air and SpaceMuseum.


First, is our Director, Gail Whalen. Gail came to us from Savannah, GA, where she gained tremendous experience in museums. She also spent 10 years in the USAF in the Strategic Air Command’s missile business.


Next, Gail’s assistant is Jeff Nash, MSgt, USAF, Ret., who came to us from the 21st Space Wing’s command post. Jeff spent his USAF career in the security police and command post fields. He was an active volunteer prior to assuming his present position.


Augmenting the Museum staff are several volunteers. They come to us from the retired military ranks, veterans, family members, and persons who want to help. Our needs for volunteers fall into many categories from Ramp Rats (working on aircraft, missiles, etc), Docents (escorting visitors), Go to Gang (building walls, platforms, display cases, cleanup, painting, etc., etc.), Volunteer Services, Public Affairs, and Archives/Artifacts control, processing, inventory, etc.


And, last but not least there is the Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation. More about that later.


   Mike Drennan, President


We are happy to publish our first “Peterson Foundation Newsletter”. There are so many exciting activities going on that we wanted to keep you abreast of what was happening. We also wanted to thank the many volunteers for your great efforts. A recognition of your many wonderful accomplishments occurred recently when the Museum Foundation was recognized by the Air Force Space Command Paddon Award Selection Team with a “Special Recognition Award”, one of only two presented to the 21st Space Wing. Thanks again for your wonderful support to our Museum.




If we have an incorrect mailing address, please advise us of corrections needed. If you have an email address, please tell us that too (at j32lmck@aol.com), as it will cut down on our mailing costs.




In 2005, the Museum’s 66 volunteers served nearly 8,500 hours, in support of the Museum mission. Their efforts included maintenance of aircraft; construction of numerous exhibit stands, cabinets, walls, etc.; escorting and briefing visitors; and processing of 229 new artifacts into the Museum inventory and accountability system. Likewise, some 12,650 visitors toured the Museum grounds and buildings.









Ed Weaver, Secretary-Treasurer


The Peterson Air & Space Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to:

*Foster and perpetuate the PetersonMuseum as a medium for informing and educating the public on the history and heritage of the early aviation history of Colorado Springs and the missions associated with Peterson Air Force Base;


*Serve as a philanthropic corporation in assisting the development and expansion of the facilities of the PetersonMuseum;


*Receive, hold and administer gifts in the best interests of the PetersonMuseum.


Friends of the PetersonAir & SpaceMuseum membership program draw together aviation enthusiasts interested in the activities of the Museum and assist in the growth of the facility. For a fee, members receive such benefits and privileges as discounts in the gift shop, newsletters, commemorative tiles, coins and lapel pins. Individuals may also become a “Friend” by volunteering more than 60 hours (annually).


Level             Cost   ID     Lapel   Gift Shop

                         Card Pin       Discount

Annual                 $25   X     X         X

Annual-Family     $50   X     X         X

Life                   $325   X     X         X

Sponsor             $500   X     X         X

(Life & Sponsor memberships include Tiles; and Sponsor membership includes a Duplicate tile)












     Gail Whalen, Director


Hi Everybody! I am so proud to be part of the Peterson Air and SpaceMuseum team. After one year here, everyone is still going out of their way to make me feel welcome. I’m finally beginning to understand the “Cult of Colorado Springs” – once you get here, youreally never want to leave.


I’d like to briefly outline for you some of the plans for PetersonMuseum’s expansion. First, we’re set to occupy the old Broadmoor Hangar, which currently houses the base contracting offices. In October 2006, barring any setbacks, we’ll begin to renovate that building for the Museum’s administrative offices, curatorial storage, visitor orientation, gift shop, a small library, missile exhibits, and special exhibits. I hope to have most of it ready for the public by late Fall 2007. Our biggest challenge will be to install and operate the Minuteman II Missile Procedures Trainer. This is an Air Force combat crew member trainer that simulates the environment inside an ICBM launch control center. Our plan is to run enough of the trainer to allow folks an opportunity to “launch” missiles against a simulated target.


Second, we’re going to continue to expand exhibits in the Old City Hangar and the “main” Museum building – the Old City Terminal. Our Museum volunteers have roughly aligned themselves into exhibit groups that are working hard to flesh out the story of the Cold War Air Defense history for us – the CheyenneMountain group, the Missile Warning Group, and Fighter-Interceptor group. My promise was to get our exhibits up and running; and I want to thank everyone who has been supplying me with the information, artifacts, and




encouragement to do that. Our biggest additions to these exhibits will be Army Air Defense and Space Operations. And I promise to all radar operators and other air defense veterans out there – I won’t let you be neglected! I often hear our docents say this to visitors a
nd it’s true: keep coming back because we are always adding to the exhibits.



   Danny O’Connell, Crew Chief


The Docent (museum guide) program was established in the summer of 2003, although museum tours had been conducted for many years prior to that by Museum volunteers. It was recognized that a designated group of volunteers should be identified as Docents. The program has been successful because of an initial cadre of volunteers who contributed their time and ideas to have a standardized, informative tour.


Several of the docents, such as Gus Freyer, Jim Palmer and Ed Weaver, were very instrumental in improving the original concept of conducting tours. The training video narrated by Ed Weaver and produced by Ernie Newman was the first step. The training brochure prepared by Gus Freyer and Jim Palmer helped standardize the program for both the original docents and other docents who joined within the past two years.


We are always in need of more volunteers to join the Docent program. Continued training will help all of us to be more informed guides.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the Docent program including Director Gail Whalen and Assistant Director Jeff Nash.




   Jerry Kovach, Crew Chief


The “Ramp Rats” consist of two volunteers with 12 aircraft in four locations to maintain and improve.


Hot weather causing fluid leaks, deterioration of decals and paint and visitors trying for souvenirs make-up most of the maintenance work. Most of these are repairable immediately; except for decals. Birds love to nest where possible, leaving deposits that mount up quickly; however, bird control is basically completed for all aircraft, with additional efforts required when the creatures improvise.


The P-47 awaits armor plate, control stick and throttle grip (which are all unique) together with some more stencils and decals. Brake lines are completed for hangar-taxiing. The F-102 is receiving a new belly panel – 75% complete – while we wait for fasteners parts and repainting of the immediate fuselage area. The right landing gear door has been reworked by the 302nd Airlift Wing sheet metal shop, who did an excellent job. The left door is essentially unfixable; we will continue to search for another door. All aircraft have positive landing gear locks, except for the F-89, which awaits main landing gear (MLG) factory locks being manufactured by the AF reserve unit at Warner Robbins AFB.


General aircraft display improvements are planned, but timing and effort is related to volunteer manpower.


The 302nd AW is to be commended for the work they produce for us and the professional advice, especially the sheet metal shop, under Mr. Bill Harris





When you travel through the buildings and grounds of the Museum, the items you see makeup only a small percentage of the archives and artifacts in our Museum inventory. In fact, there are more than 4,750 items included in the inventory, excluding gift shop merchandise. Two volunteers manage the processing of incoming items, the administrative accountability records, and security and storage of all not on display.


Storage currently is located in the OperationsBuilding, and will be expanded when the Broadmoor Hangar becomes available.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The Peterson Air and Space Museum Newsletter is published by the Colorado Springs Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation, Inc., a private entity no way connected with the U. S. Air Force. Contents of the Newsletter are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U. S. Government or the Department of the Air Force.


Jerry M. Drennan, BGen (Ret), President


Jack L. McKinney, CMSgt (Ret), Editor


150 East Ent Avenue

Peterson AFB, CO80914

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




24 July   Medal of HonorPark Dedication

15 Aug   49th Fighter Wg Reunion

17 Aug   445th Fighter Sq Reunion

Sep         Missile Procedures Trainer

               Arrives at Museum

Oct         “Broadmoor Hangar” turned

               Over to Museum

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