Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs, 27 June 2016

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs,
27 June 2016
ATTENDEES: Brown, John; Burns, Dick; Deal, Duane Grier, John; Guidry, Earle; Harris, Jim; Henderson, Jim; Howells, Glyn; Long, Bruce; McClelland, Ron; Miller, Mike; Mogel, Jake; Moyer, Norm; Oler, Roger; Silber, Carl; Solomon, Ron; Yepez, Linda; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director;
OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order at 0900.
No changes in minutes of May meeting.
Treasurer Long, presented the May 2016 financial report: YTD Revenue $18,303; YTD Expense $5,830; Cash in bank $44,364 for operations and $18,710 for Broadmoor Hangar Renovation.
Henderson presented the May statistics: volunteers 3,564 YTD May v 3,957 in 2015, visitors 7,431 YTD May v 5,784 in 2015, Website visits YTD May 14,730 v 12,803 in 2015, Facebook visits YTD May 140,258 v 16,147 in 2015.
McClelland commented that online visitor requests are at the highest level ever. Having a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor really helps. There are four new Galaxy of Stars honorees.
Curator Update (Whalen)
The CF-188 dedication of 24 June went very well.
There are currently no plans for a Volunteer Appreciation dinner.
We average about 100 visitors per day.
There will be no STEM Fair this year – funding issues.
The temperature limit in the EC-121 is 85 deg F. If it’s hotter than that, close it down.
Carl Silber commented that holes in the museum store inventory signal good sales. More items are on order. Please do not re-arrange inventory in the store.
General Deal commented that the CF-188 dedication was great. He also indicated that fund raising for the Broadmoor Hangar Renovation is picking up.
Meeting relocated to the City Hangar at 1000 hours for review and discussion of exhibits therein.
Meeting adjourned at 1110 hours.
Next meeting: 25 July at 0900 hrs.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Henderson, Secretary.