Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs, 28 Mar 2015

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs,
28 Mar 2015
ATTENDEES: Blanshine, Janet; Brown, John; Grier, John; Harris, Jim; Henderson, Jim; Joiner, Jere; Long, Bruce; Miller, Mike; Mogel, Jake; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.
OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order by Jim Henderson
No changes in minutes of February meeting.
Treasurer Long presented the February 2016 financial report: Revenue $7,904; Expense $1,654; Cash in bank $61,223. Financial review by outside auditors complete.
Remember to use the “cancel” button on the cash register to void a transaction (rather than processing and writing a note).
We are averaging 1.5 comments on Trip Advisor per week. Remember to invite your guests to do so – it raises our rank of Colorado Springs activities.
Curator Update (Whalen)
The CF-18 will be installed in late April. Meanwhile, it’s sitting on the ramp.
The Jose Aragon Exhibit will open May 16th.
There will be a train show in the City Hangar on May 21-22.
The F-104 will be painted in Viet Nam war colors, as part of our Vietnam War commemoration. Reasons: its prominent location and its duty history, and we can only paint one in those colors right now.
Safety & Security Update:
In the case of an active shooter – RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. Sheltering-in-place in the buildings is not recommended as you would be trapped.
The yellow “Desktop Contingency Guide – 21SW” was discussed in some detail. All personnel are encouraged to review the material on their own.
The rally points, in the case of building evacuation, are (primary) Flagpoles in front of 21SW HQ and (secondary) Bldg 725, Ent Ave side-behind the P-40.
Meeting adjourned 1000 hrs.
Next meeting: 25 April 0900 hrs.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Henderson, Secretary.