SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs, 25 Apr 2016

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0900hrs,
25 Apr 2016
ATTENDEES: Brown, John; Burns, Dick; Deal, Duane; Grier, John; Harris, Jim; Henderson, Jim; Howells, Glynn; Howells, Phyllis; Long, Bruce; McClelland, Ron; Miller, Mike; Mogel, Jake; Murphy, Joe; Silber, Carl; Yepez, Linda; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.
OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order at 0900.
No changes in minutes of March meeting except that it’s the F-104 that will be painted in Viet Nam camo, not the F-4.
Henderson presented the March statistics: volunteers 2,376 YTD Mar v 2,383 in 2015, visitors NA, Website visits YTD Mar 7,990 v 6,482 in 2015, Facebook visits YTD Mar 116,229 v 11,165 in 2015.
Treasurer Long presented the March 2016 financial report: YTD Revenue $9,820; YTD Expense $1,111; Cash in bank $61,937. Another reminder: Remember to use the “cancel” button on the cash register to void a transaction (rather than processing and writing a note). We have now risen to number 22 on the Trip Advisor list of sites to visit in Colorado Springs (out of 120)..
Curator Update (Whalen)
The CF-18 will be installed when the dummy armament clears customs. Meanwhile, it’s sitting on the ramp awaiting the return of the Canadians.
The Volunteer Appreciation dinner will be in June.
Whalen needs a Volunteer Trainer and Scheduler from the ranks.
Whalen’s May calendar of events is below. Help in cleaning venues will be appreciated.
Monday, 2 May at 1230, Extra Starbase kids tour
Need 3 docents to give tour to 35 Starbase students (City Hangar, Airpark Connie)
Monday, 16 May at 10 am, City Hangar
Aragon Exhibit Opening. All Peterson members invited. Will need at least 5
docents to assist that morning.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 20-22 May, Broadmoor Hangar meeting room
Pikes Peak “N”Gineers Model Railroad show. All members are welcome. Will
need 2-3 extra docents to assist on Sunday.
Sunday, May 22 at 1:30pm, Sky Soxx Stadium Expo Day
We will get a first pitch (including Logo on the video board during the
first pitch and PA recognition).
We’ll have an info table on the Concourse level – Janet and Carl bringing
brochures and other Museum info.
Meeting adjourned 1010 hrs.
Next meeting: 23 May 0900 hrs. The regularly scheduled day is May 30, but that’s Memorial Day.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Henderson, Secretary.
It is with deep sadness that I report the recent deaths of fellow volunteers Al Horne, Scottie Lee and John Cawood. We’ll miss them.