07 Feb 14

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0901hrs,

7 February 2014


ATTENDEES: Austin, Dave, CMSgt, USAF (Ret); Brown, John, Lt. Col, USAF (Ret); Burns, Dick, USA (Vet); Cawood, John, Lt. Col USAF (Ret); Fox, Jimmie, Maj., USAF (Ret); Henderson, Jim, Secretary; Kleveno, Al, USN (Vet); McClelland, Ron, Maj., USAF (Ret); Miller, Mike, Lt. Col, USAF (Ret); Moyer, Norm, SMSgt, USAF (Ret); Silber, Carl; Solomon, Ron, USAF (Vet); Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director;



OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order by Henderson



–          Management Review;

  1. Minutes Approval: (Henderson)

–     25 October 13 Meeting Minutes and Email in Lieu of Minutes (for Nov 13) reviewed and approved.

  1. Financial Review (Long):

–     Financials at 31 Dec 13 reviewed.

–   Financials at 31 Jan 14 reviewed.

  • Cash on hand $46,057

–   Accessions, Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers (Whalen):

–      7849 Volunteer hours YTD 31 Dec 13 v. 10029 in 2012

–      19179 Visitors at Peterson YTD 31Dec 13 v. 22986 in 2012

  1. Web Site (McClelland):

–          19578 hits on the PASMF Home Site YTD Dec 13 v 19368 in 2012

–          2308 hits on the Galaxy of Stars site YTD Dec 13 v 2464 in 2012

–          The new website design was shown and discussed. The roll-out will likely be in March.

  1. Open Items (Whalen):

–          Special events this summer will include STEM Fair in August and three summer camp sessions with Challenger Learning Center – June and July.

–          Staff is attempting to limit events in the City Hangar to one per week.

–          Work is progressing in the City Hangar to relocate the theater and revise the exhibits in the left side of the hangar (will also facilitate self-guided tours). Expect to be finished by Volunteer Appreciation Day in April

–          Clearance to receive the Canadian F-18 is apparently done.

–          The site plan changes associated with the Broadmoor Hangar renovation were shown and discussed. Roof, drainage issues, etc. can be done before the interior work begins.


–          2.   NEW BUSINESS

  1. Curator Update (Whalen)

–          See Open Items above

–          Representatives from the Mexican Navy will visit on 7 Feb.

  1. Dick Burns showed the samples of the Peterson AFB photo poster for use at the Olympic Training Center.
  2. Dick Burns also showed a drawing of an EC-121 for possible use on T-shirts. It was suggested that a photo might look better.
  3. The Treasurer’s 2014 Expense Budget and Income Forecast was presented and discussed. This is the same material presented to the Board of Directors in January and includes the estimated $1.6 million Broadmoor Hangar renovation item.


Meeting adjourned 1030 hrs.





28 Feb 14, 0901 hrs. Museum Offices.


James H Henderson