28 July 2014

SUBJECT:  Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0901hrs,

28 July 2014


ATTENDEES:  Austin, Dave, CMSgt, USAF (Ret) ; Brown, John, Lt. Col, USAF (Ret); Burns, Dick, USA (Vet); Cenci, Robert; Grier, John, MSgt USAF (Ret); Harris, Jim, SMSgt USAF (Ret); Henderson, Jim, Secretary; Horne, Al, USAF(Vet); Kleveno, Al, USN (Vet); Long, Bruce,  SMSgt, USAF (Ret), Treasurer;  Miller, Mike, Lt. Col, USAF (Ret); Silber, Carl; Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.




OPENING REMARKSMeeting called to order by Henderson



–    Management Review;

a.  Minutes Approval: (Henderson)

–     30 June 14 meeting minutes reviewed

b.  Financial Review (Long):

–     Financials at 30 June 14 reviewed.

    • Summary: Cash on hand $40,723; June Income $5,931; June Expense $2,907.
c.  Accessions, Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers (Henderson):

–     Volunteer Hours: 4,623 YTD Jun 14 v 4,401 YTD Jun 13

–     Visitors: 11,287 YTD Jun 14 v 6,950 YTD Jun 13

–     Facebook views: 13,549 YTD Jul 14 

d.  Web Site (Henderson for McClelland):

–      Website hits: 17,263 YTD Jul14 v 11,420 YTD Jul 14

–      GOS hits: 1,594 YTD Jul 14 v 1,334 YTD Jul 13

–      Long commented that the set up on the website gets PASM a prominent listing on Google searches for (free) things to do in Colorado Springs.                     

e.  Open Items:

–     Terry Galbreath’s written report on the F-4 model project was circulated.  The              project is nearing completion.



               Curator Update

Pikes Peak Regional Airshow is confirmed for Aug 9 – 10.   Whalen will send a spreadsheet to all for sign-up for booth duty.  Volunteers for same will get in free.  Please wear your vest and hat. There will normal operations at the PASM that day.

                   STEM ROCKS is August 23.  Help is needed that day.

 A general discussion of several topics ensued:

 –       Group Tours:  It is important to fully support group tours (walk-ins should be invited to tag along with the group, but the group comes first).

–       After checking, it was determined that the Air Force has no rules on heat exposure (as in the EC-121).  Docents are encouraged to watch the visitors for signs of distress.  Put folding chairs under the wings for those waiting to get in the airplane. There is water in the aft of the plane – warm, but wet.

–       Take care with handicapped visitors.  Immobilize an injured (or sick) party and call 911. ,

–       Especially in the summer, many visitors walk into the airpark at the EC-121.  Keep a lookout in the airpark and go greet visitors.

–        Leave the door to the City Hangar unlocked when you’re inside.   That lets visitors get in without being led there.  Ask if they’ve come through the Terminal building (and presumably been counted).

–        Get parents to work with you with their kids, keeping preservation of the   artifacts in mind.  Consider speaking to the kids, rather than to the adults.

–       If asked about an entry fee, say “no”, but donations are appreciated and vital. Remind visitors to sign in and ask how they found us.

–       Be sure the office phone is always answered and check for voicemail messages frequently.   An extension phone on 4915 in the Gift Shop is being investigated.

–       Long commented that we can only let visitors into the EC-121 or the MPT if they are escorted (Air Force rules) and we preserve all items in each.  Do not touch switches, knobs, controls, etc.  No sitting except on folding chairs in EC-121.  A copy of Long’s piece on the EC-121 (which also applies to MPT) is attached.

                 Open Discussion

                 Cenci commented that the insignia and lettering on the white hats (for sale and for docents to wear) need to be re-designed.

 Meeting adjourned 1040 hrs.


      25 August 14, 0901 hrs in the museum meeting room.

James H Henderson