30 June 2014

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0901hrs,
30 June 2014

ATTENDEES: Austin, Dave, CMSgt, USAF (Ret) ; Burns, Dick, USA (Vet); Grier, John, MSgt USAF (Ret); Harris, Jim, USAF (Ret); Henderson, Jim, Secretary; McClelland, Ron, Maj., USAF (Ret); Miller, Mike, Lt. Col, USAF (Ret); Moyer, Norm, SMSgt, USAF (Ret); Pfennig, Tonya, USA (Vet); Silber, Carl; Solomon, Ron, USAF (Vet); Whalen, Gail, DAFC, Director; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.

OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order by Henderson


– Management Review;
a. Minutes Approval: (Henderson)
– 19 May 14 Meeting Minutes reviewed.
b. Financial Review (Henderson for Long):
– Financials at 31 May 14 reviewed.
• Cash on hand $44,377; May Operating Income $2,458, May Operating Expense $2,738.
c. Accessions, Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers (Henderson):
– Volunteer Hours: 3,050 YTD Apr 14 v 2,944 YTD Apr 13
– Visitors: 6,707 YTD Apr 14 v 3,184 YTD Apr 13
– Facebook views: 2,339 Apr 14 v 1,491 Mar 14
d. Web Site (McClelland):
– Website Hits: 14,050 YTD Jun14 v 9,276 YTD Jun 13
– GOS hits: 1,492 YTD Jun 14 v 1,148 YTD Jun 13
– Facebook views: 11,702 YTD Jun 14
– Some of the increased volume on the website is due to the new format. Note that the website contains a notice of 5% discount on purchases in the gift shop if the customer mentions seeing said notice on the website.
e. Open Items:


– Curator Update
Pikes Peak Regional Airshow is confirmed for Aug 9 – 10. Will need some volunteers (who get in free). We plan on selling gift shop items in a booth on thee ramp.
The first STEM summer camp went very well. The others will be in the last two weeks of July.
The STEM Rocks Fair will be on 23 Aug. Set up on 22 Aug. We plan to use the Vistavertigon as an F-106 flight simulator again.
The CF-18 is now expected to be delivered in the spring of 2015.
Still very much need additional volunteer docents on Saturdays – big day for families.
Note: Until further notice, when the temperature in the EC-121 exceeds 90 deg. F., visitors will not be allowed inside (for their own health and safety). Showing the movie of the flight of the EC-121 in California, followed by a walk-around the plane is suggested.
– Open Discussion
Austin asked when the Outstanding Unit Award with a V would be displayed on the EC-121. Whalen said hopefully in August.
Nash and others discussed gift shop security. Remember not to leave the key in the register when the gift shop is unattended.
Silber announced that “Fifi”, the CAF’s B-29 will be in Pueblo July 29 – 31 and will be selling rides (as well as just being on display).

Meeting adjourned 0945 hrs.


28 July 14, 0900 hrs in the museum meeting room.

James H Henderson