SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0901hrs, 23 Nov 2015

SUBJECT: Minutes of Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation Staff Meeting, 0901hrs,
23 Nov 2015
ATTENDEES: Blanshine, Janet; Grier, John; Henderson, Jim; McClelland, Ron; Miller, Mike; Pfennig, Tonya; Silber, Carl; Nash, Jeff, DAFC, Deputy Director.
OPENING REMARKS: Meeting called to order by Jim Henderson
– Management Review;
– Minutes Approval: (Henderson)
– 26 October 2015 Meeting Minutes reviewed.
Financial Review (Henderson for Long)
– Financial report for 30 Oct 15 briefly reviewed. Cash balance $51,510. October income $3,674, expense $1,519
– Volunteer Hours & Visitors Numbers Through Oct. 2015(Henderson):
– Volunteer Hours: 8,128 v 8101 Oct. 14
– Visitors: 18,014 v 22,099 Oct.14
. Web Site, FB through April 15 (Data from McClelland& Nash):
– Website Hits: 29,464 v 26,531 Oct. 14.
– Facebook views: 52,656 v 18,104 Oct. 14
Web Site Discussion (McClelland)
– Most website visits are referred from, but next highest is from the Netherlands and then Russia.
Deputy Director’s Update (Nash)
– The CF-18 issue at the State Department which delayed the delivery has been resolved. Delivery date not set. After the CF-101 Voodoo is moved on the pad, the CF-18 will be set in place by a crane.
– Be aware of heightened security concerns during the holiday season. Active shooter is considered the greatest threat.
– The plan is to be open Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, weather permitting.
– Carl Silber presented copies of the write-up on Maj. Gen. Uzal G. Ent, after whom the Ent Federal Credit Union is named. Copies will be in the docent office.
– Janet Blanshine, Museum Store Manager, reported that 90% of the docent staff has been trained on the new credit card machine. All docents who deal with the store need to facile with the machine.
Meeting adjourned 0925 hrs.
The next Staff meeting is scheduled for 25 January 2016 at 0900. There will be no December meeting.
Respectfully submitted, Jim Henderson, Secretary